December 19, 2009

Music Is...MUSIC

It seems to me, that the majority of today's music lacks a very crucial element: LONGEVITY. This is my personal opinion. I believe it is important that an artist (musical and other forms) remain current and up to date. However, I also feel that the need to stay "new" can take away from worldwide appeal and overshadows the ingredients of relatability and a memorable melody, which I feel contributes to that element. For me, there are only a handful of the musically talented, alive and passed on, that have had and maintain that ability. Along with sustaining itself with the present, longevity includes the artists wherewithal to be able to transcend the period in which the music is created. I mean, generally its easy to decipher what decade the sound was created. You can tell if its the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and so on. There's a difference, though, in a song that's just for the "now", and one that surpasses being a musical fad. Take for example, the Eagles: "I Cant Tell You Why". The first few words of those lyrics say,"Look at us baby, up all night tearing our love apart..." In simply reading those words, the beat and melody (if you've heard the song) automatically come to you. It was made in 79' but yet its content and sound contain substance.

To me every decade has its own individual sound. In some it is distinctive, others feel as they are sort of a combination, then again it is dependent upon the artist huh? I'm not telling anyone that they have to revert back to a certain time period of sound to create a masterpiece. Whether or not one creates something fresh, or decides to mesh the past with the present, I just feel its essential to withhold staying power.

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