November 23, 2011


I'm sorry for the lack of posting here for a while. I've been on Tumblr and I'm enjoying it more so than I thought I would. Check me there:

October 24, 2011

From Ahoodie: "Lazy Oaf – That’s All Sweatshirt A/W11"

This eclectic piece of clothing created by the designers at Lazy Oaf is something your eye can't pass over. Look at it. The print is composed of bits & pieces of very familiar characters; Ahoodie writer Chacha describes:
This grey, 100% cotton sweater comes as a part of their 2011 Autumn/Winter collection and features an all over print containing pieces of cartoon characters from Disney and Warner Brothers (a special prize to anyone who can name all of the characters.) and a brushed jersey lining.

Music Is... David Dallas "Start Lookin Round" Official Video

Here it is, and I'm loving it. How can this not put a mellow vibe to your mood?

The official video for “Start Lookin Round”. Directed by Tom Gould & Alexander Richter. Song produced by Dan ‘Exile’ Mawby. No green screens or animated trickery, just a dude from Papatoetoe & the sights of New York City. I’ve been away from home for the majority of the World Cup but you know I had to pay homage to the All Blacks somewhere in the vid. NZ over everything.

October 23, 2011

Music Is... Rochell Jordan "Shot"

get it here

October 22, 2011

Music Is... David Dallas "Start Lookin Round" (vid coming soon)

David Dallas made mention just a bit ago that a video would be coming our way soon.... Can't wait!

First track off The Rose Tint

Music Is... Rochell Jordan "ROJO"

This is independent artist Rochell Jordan, hailing from Toronto, Canada.

Also find her @  

October 21, 2011

Art Is... From Billionaire Boys Club Blog: Carved Miniature Marble Manhattan

Carved by artist Yutaka Sone.  Now that’s worth a gallery trip to go check out!  On display until October 29, 2011 at David Zwirner Gallery in New York.
bbcicecream blog 
more pics and info of this project @ mymodernmet 

October 20, 2011

When It Comes To Music

I feel like I've mentioned countless times on here and when I have discussions with others that when it comes to music and songs, content will eventually repeat itself. Doesn't matter the artist(s), the subject matter goes around in this constant cycle, which doesn't surprise me or upset me in the least. The main aspect that I feel has to remain refreshing is the take and the way he or she decides to present it. I can sit here right now and make a song about love and relationships but, if it sounds like a rip off of "Me, Myself and I" from Beyonce, 9 times out of 10 you wouldn't want to hear it and I wouldn't blame you at all. 

So I guess the main point that I'm trying to get at with this little rant is that I want the presentation to stay original and to remain sincere.

October 17, 2011

Art Is... Martin Grohs "Pokerface" and "Heartless"

I really find these to be some nice pieces of work. The graphics here are crazy!

October 13, 2011

Music Is... Robin Thicke "Mission"

A track released a roughly a month and a half ago, "Mission" is soothing beyond words. Robin Thicke has a new album in the works titled "I'm An Animal" and as to whether or not this song will be included, I'm not positive but, please enjoy this listening experience.

photo courtesy of 

October 12, 2011

Premier - Music Is... David Dallas "Feel Like Oasis" ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona

Yes yes. David Dallas has yet another drop for us! He released it just a few hours ago so it's brand spanking new. Check it out and indulge.

David Dallas - Feel Like Oasis ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona by David Dallas

Make sure to visit @

Art Is... Relief Work by Gregory Euclide

Again my browsing landed me on this art piece. I was looking through graffiti and graphic artist As One's blog and stumbled upon the work seen below. It was created by artist Gregory Euclide and is one of the more facinating things I've seen in a while. 

more info and artwork found @

Art Is... Space Invader Skate Decks

I saw this just browsing around The LupE.N.D. Blog founder SeanTheROBOT's twit pics. I found it to be very unique and something I couldn't let slip through my fingers. C'mon, who doesn't love a Rubik's Cube?

Music Is... The BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

While in essence I highly enjoyed each cypher that went down at the awards show last night, these were two that I couldn't pass up to post. Below you have the Shady 2.0 Cypher and the uncut version with Busta Rhymes and others. Please enjoy the buffet of lyricism that you are about to chow down on!!

October 09, 2011

From Ahoodie: "D&G for Skullcandy – Headphones"

This was posted in Ahoodie's Fashion section by writer Dylan R. about a week and half ago but, I couldn't resist it. Essentially I like them all however, these are the two I've taken a liking to the most:

more pics and info @

September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011

Art Is... Adan Bañuelos "Drawing Blazers"

Below: The finished product

Art Is... Style Depth - As One: Bar Contessa, Balmain, Sydney

In the mural below, we see that As One has created yet another excellent piece.
Bar Contessa is a cool wee cafe on Darling St, Balmain. They have just re-branded, so wanted a mural to make their cafe stand out...

September 26, 2011

Art Is... Jacop Patterson Customs: God Of War Dunks

If I'm right, Jacop completed these dunks as a custom creation not too long ago. I love the chain laces, and the detail is just ill...

Music Is... David Dallas - "Take A Picture" [Music Video]

Take a fliiiiiick. The official vid for ‘Take A Picture’ directed by Special Problems + Friends.7 different directors shot on 7 different formats, each with no knowledge of what the others were doing. Cats, raps and minor explosives.

N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds

I love this cover

September 22, 2011

Music and Us

While I've always thought about this so I felt compelled to share my thoughts about it. There are always those songs that in one way or another we feel connected to.

No matter if someone else completely dismisses it or not. For whatever reason, be it the content, the sound or a combination of both. We as people have the natural inclination to gravitate towards those things that are similar to our individual tastes, likes and dislikes; things like us. Music, amongst many other important subjects, has got to be one of the most emotionally stirring mediums. It's able to draw you in and make you feel something. Whether or not it makes you angry, elated, sad, moody, uplifts you or somehow makes you feel an indifference towards it. These songs, these beats, melody's and lyrics are made by people and a part of them is in it, so we feel that. One thing I've always been a believer in is that you can't fake emotion, either it's real or it's nothing.

To me, REAL music is always potent and that potency, along with other factors, is what maintains the connection

...It's a topic that can go on and on

September 20, 2011

Art Is... Jordans from Adan Bañuelos

I love the detail here...

Art Is... Adan Bañuelos "’96 Pippens Drawing"

You can't say this isn't nice!! This great drawing of the ever popular 96 Pippen Airs was recently completed by artists Adan Bañuelos. You must check out his site. 

My Food & Liquor Experience

I’m not embarrassed to admit that it was only a few weeks ago that I finally purchased Food & Liquor along with The Cool, which by then I had already heard nearly every song from each. Prior to my familiarity with F&L, I had listened to a few of Lupe’s mixtape tracks and I loved what I heard. Some time later, I remember flicking back & forth between MTV2 and MTV Jams. Lupe was being interviewed on one of these channels so, I decided to stop and watch. Roughly 5 or 10 minutes in, they played the video for “Kick, Push”… That’s when it began for me.

Now let me say this. My love for skateboarding started very early, I’d say around 8 or 9 years old. I have never been good at it but I’ve always and continue to have an immense respect and appreciation for it. Skateboarding for me is more than a Vans OTW competition or a Dew Tour segment or a portion of the X-Games though I highly respect those aspects as well. Skating is truly a lifestyle thing. It’s an art in my eyes. 

Fast-forward to mid 2006. My lyrical understanding was very novice at this time. I wasn’t too good at comprehending and breaking the lyrics down. With that said, “Kick, Push” was a track I understood from the get go. I’m hearing this music and watching a video that is in direct correlation with something I love. Taking in these words that describe how skateboarding weaved its way into this guys life and how it became this escapism for him. My absolute favorite part of the lyrics are where he says “…just the freedom was better than breathing.” Wow… Every single time I hear that, it sends chills right through me. To draw such a comparison, better yet to have that feeling overshadow your next breath, blew me away and still does. Not just that, it was seeing a black female skater in the video that confirmed for me that I’m not the only one who loves this. I knew I wasn’t but it felt good to really see evidence of that on a larger scale.

Over the past few years, my taste in music has shifted drastically, especially concerning hip hop. Around late 08’ into early 09’, I’d pretty much dismissed a lot of what was out at the time and reverted back to early/mid 1990’s material, along with some things from the early 2000’s. However, throughout the past 7 or 8 months Lupe’s artistry is something I’ve come to respect more and more. Not just with Food & Liquor but, as a whole he presents a product that is incomparable. His way of playing with words, his vocabulary and how seemingly every track makes you double back and think, “What was that, what did he say?” is something I can’t shake.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Food & Liquor has branded in my mind a meaningful and lasting impression that will not be removed. 

Music Is... "Dreaming Awake" Presented By: The LupE.N.D. Blog

There was no way I could overlook this project right here, not in the least. Ya boy SeanTheROBOT was one of the, if not the main mediator in coordinating and initiating this mixtape. It's a culmination of various artists, some of which you may know and some you may not. Personally I'm not familiar with them all but, just being able to hear new voices is refreshing. I've been anticipating it for a while now, so...

With no further adieu...

Dreaming Awake Mixtape by jeezy44

September 16, 2011

mi Adidas

I don't have these personally, but I decided to hop on and see what I could create using the blank mi Nizza hi. Check it out below...

September 15, 2011

Art Is... Style Depth - As One: Saturday In Design

Here is some more fantastic designs produced by Style Depth. He definitely has an eye for detail.

Interior and Exterior commission for Palamont, for the Saturday In Design festival on the 20th August, held in Sydney.

September 14, 2011


pic found @

Premier - Music Is... "Thank You" Estelle

The song is written by Akon and produced by Jerry Wonder. Usually, I don't think I'm a good singer of other people's songs. This HAD to be something I was feeling. If I was going to do a song written by someone else, I wanted it to be done right. I wanted it to be something I felt through my heart, through my body, through my mind. When the words came in for this song, I was just.....By the time I got to the chorus of this song, I was damn near crying. It just resonated just SO much with me. I play it for my guy friends and THEY even start crying. It's just that kind of song. I'm honored to be able to bring it to you. 'Til next time #mydarlings! xoxox

August 28, 2011

From Highsnobiety - 25 Years Of Airwalk by Cullen Poythress

I was skimming through some of the pages and landed on this one. I immediately think tennis ball when I see this one, how about you?

Airwalk Jim

A snippet from the Q&A with Director of Product Randy Kleiner:
How has Airwalk adapted with the times in terms of skateboarding? Were there certain ideas and features the brand adopted in its design to accommodate for the changing direction of skateboarding during the early 90s?

The early 90’s were a fusion of durability and style. Upper designs began losing all their molded parts and ideas like double or triple layer Ollie protection took hold using properly patterned suedes. Shoes became less bulky-looking, yet held up equally as along.
more info and pics @ Highsnobiety 

August 26, 2011

Art Is... Hermès and Kongo Silk Scarves collab

featured on Highsnobiety
As part of its Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection, French luxury brand Hermès has worked with French graffiti artist Kongo. The artist created several scarves in his signature style, featuring an all-over tag design. Available at Hermès boutiques around the globe now, part of the proceeds will be donated to Kongo’s graffiti collective kosmopolis, which supports young artists.

August 23, 2011

Reebok Classics: Lauren Hill on "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

featured on Highsnobiety

After presenting NaS talking about Illmatic, Reebok Classics and Rock The Bells continue with their Classic Albums by Classic Artists series...

August 21, 2011

From Highsnobiety - Nike Dunk High AC Mesh Pack

these are too clean.
more info @ Highsnobiety

From Big Eyes, Little Soles "Going For Gold"

These are too slick. The gold swoosh stand out so nice against the white. The gum outsole is butta. Check em out!

From Big Eyes Little Soles: 
The perfect-white sneaker sits so nicely on a gum-coloured outsole and is given a feminine boost with a metallic gold Swoosh. Don’t even worry about them getting them dirty as they’re made from leather, so a quick wipe down will keep them looking boxfresh!
 From Sneaker News:
The Nike Dunk is known for featuring a white midsole on a huge variety of releases, but here's one that takes that pristine look and stretches it across the entire vamp.  The Dunk High GS pictured above is constructed in white leather with an interesting heel texture that's somewhere between a honeycomb and reptile scales.  A Metallic Gold Swoosh is the perfect match for a gum rubber outsole, making for one of the cleanest looks for little kids we've seen in quite a while.

 more info and pics can be found @:

August 19, 2011

Music Is... Big Sean "Get It"

Music Is... Ebrahim "In My Heart I Am: Zebrahim"

Ya boy Sean The Robot introduced me to this talented man, via his tumblr Head Cut Off. He is incredible. No special production or anything here. Just really, REALLY good singing and beat-boxing.

initially i was going to give this album away for free, but since some of my loved ones decided to selflessly devote themselves to the Ride To Conquer Cancer, i figured the least i could do was dedicate this little project to them. 100% of the money raised from this project will go towards this by ebrahim and häzel artwork by corbin portillo and lou papa

August 18, 2011

Music Is...Alice Gold "End Of The World" (video)

From Highsnobiety - Greg Hunt x Vans Syndicate Era “S” & Av Sk8 Low “S”

" Vans" Until reading this post, I'd never heard of Greg Hunt but, I think I'll be doing a little more research after this. Check out these signature Vans he's received in regards to his contribution to skateboarding.

Having won the TWS Best Video Award in 2009 for Alien Workshop’s “MindField,” skateboard filmmaker Greg Hunt is as rad as they come. Further honoring his contribution to skateboarding Greg has received a signature duo of Vans Syndicate sneakers. The Era and Av Sk8 Low are both featured in Dark Grey with embossed leather details and black on black logo prints. Arriving at Syndicate accounts later this year.

info and pics @ Highsnobiety

August 17, 2011

Art Is... From Highsnobiety: HUF Fall 2011 Delivery One Lookbook

Photography has become an increasing interest of mine. Something about the right shot intrigues me. Anyways, here are some photos from the Huf 2011 Lookbook.

HUF presents their Fall 2011 Delivery One Lookbook as shot at the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo by photographer Dennis McGrath. All items now available through the HUF online store.

more pics and info @ Highsnobiety

August 15, 2011

Music Is... Nikki Jean "My Love" (video)

From "Pennies In A Jar" here's 'My Love'
The simplicity is what I appreciate the most. Who doesn't want love?

From Neon & Nonsense: Lupe Fiasco for Trilly & Truly

A photo taken from a few years back promoting the Trilly & Truly clothing brand. Nice? I know.

There's another photo that zooms in on the Goyard bag he's holding in his right hand. I figured I'd post what couldn't be seen in the first shot. I love that embroidery.

August 14, 2011

From Big Eyes, Little Soles - Slam Dunks

Though I'm an Adidas nut, I do like Nikes; more specifically Dunks. I have to say I love this colorway. :)

Nike Dunk WMNS Dunk Low CL ‘Canon / Black Green – White
The white laces provide a fresh contrast to the ‘Black Green’ Swoosh and I really love the ‘Cannon’ base. It’s such a timeless, sophisticated colour which works well on leather and canvas (as on this pair of kicks)...
 more info and pics @ Big Eyes Little

MPD Freestyle - Sean The Robot

This is an uploaded video from Sean himself.

(If you do not know by now Sean is the creator behind The LupE.N.D. Blog, a site that focuses primarily on everything Lupe Fiasco, along with other artists, music and happenings. He's been posting since 2007, along with fellow contributors Rhymestyle, Lady Lasers, and datkid1220. It's an excellent blog in general.)

Anywayz, this vid is of Sean doing a lil' somthing on the beat-pad.

Ni**as in Paris [MPD Freestyle] from SeanTheRobot on Vimeo.

join em' on twitter!

Music Is... The Saturdays "All Fired Up" (video)

 pic from their Myspace blog page

The Saturdays are an English/Irish girl group based out of the UK. They've been on the music scene since their formation in 2007. Thus far, they have 9 UK top ten singles even though they only have two albums to-date. With two tours under their belt, they're currently on number three, the "All Fired Up Tour", which seems to be very promising.

The main reason I like this video is because of the energy behind it. It's a really upbeat track. The video has some nice imagery too.
Polydor/The Saturdays page
The Saturdays official site

Music Is... Plan B "Love Goes Down" in The Early Show on Saturday's Second Cup Café

I love his voice. His background singer too. I love the harmony and how in sync they are with each other.I like how he ad-libs at the end.

Enjoy ☺


August 13, 2011

From Highsnobiety - adidas Originals B-Sides Edition Launch at No. 74 Berlin

Let me say I love the thin tongue on the shell-toe
Today we witnessed something that we have not in a while. Camping, lining up, lists – all that for sneakers. Today No. 74 in Berlin released the Bape Superstar, the Undefeated Top Ten and the original colorway of the Micropacer. People traveled to Berlin from all over Europe to get their hands on a pair. Only London and Tokyo will get these, with the US entirely left out from the drop, for reasons that we do not know.

more pics and info @ Highsnobiety

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