September 22, 2011

Music and Us

While I've always thought about this so I felt compelled to share my thoughts about it. There are always those songs that in one way or another we feel connected to.

No matter if someone else completely dismisses it or not. For whatever reason, be it the content, the sound or a combination of both. We as people have the natural inclination to gravitate towards those things that are similar to our individual tastes, likes and dislikes; things like us. Music, amongst many other important subjects, has got to be one of the most emotionally stirring mediums. It's able to draw you in and make you feel something. Whether or not it makes you angry, elated, sad, moody, uplifts you or somehow makes you feel an indifference towards it. These songs, these beats, melody's and lyrics are made by people and a part of them is in it, so we feel that. One thing I've always been a believer in is that you can't fake emotion, either it's real or it's nothing.

To me, REAL music is always potent and that potency, along with other factors, is what maintains the connection

...It's a topic that can go on and on

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