This is...about the music. In any format (that I can think of), different songs, different artists, all that. Music is an essential component to who I am. I love music and I don't know what I would do without it. I imagine I would be sane but not the same. There's no way to find out anyway. Mm, back on subject. I like to review and give my outlook on various genres. I don't cater to a specific thing. I'll go as far across as my mind will take me. (LOL), sounds cheesy I know but, that's how it is. I also touch on other things: fashion, sports, art I'm just random like that.

The reason I title each post with the "Music Is..." beginning, is because it can't be limited to one thing. So the "..." can be anything when it comes down to it; it represents boundless possibilities. Music has maintained a humungous section of culture across the globe. It's something you can't quite describe.


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