August 28, 2011

From Highsnobiety - 25 Years Of Airwalk by Cullen Poythress

I was skimming through some of the pages and landed on this one. I immediately think tennis ball when I see this one, how about you?

Airwalk Jim

A snippet from the Q&A with Director of Product Randy Kleiner:
How has Airwalk adapted with the times in terms of skateboarding? Were there certain ideas and features the brand adopted in its design to accommodate for the changing direction of skateboarding during the early 90s?

The early 90’s were a fusion of durability and style. Upper designs began losing all their molded parts and ideas like double or triple layer Ollie protection took hold using properly patterned suedes. Shoes became less bulky-looking, yet held up equally as along.
more info and pics @ Highsnobiety 

August 26, 2011

Art Is... Hermès and Kongo Silk Scarves collab

featured on Highsnobiety
As part of its Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection, French luxury brand Hermès has worked with French graffiti artist Kongo. The artist created several scarves in his signature style, featuring an all-over tag design. Available at Hermès boutiques around the globe now, part of the proceeds will be donated to Kongo’s graffiti collective kosmopolis, which supports young artists.

August 23, 2011

Reebok Classics: Lauren Hill on "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

featured on Highsnobiety

After presenting NaS talking about Illmatic, Reebok Classics and Rock The Bells continue with their Classic Albums by Classic Artists series...

August 21, 2011

From Highsnobiety - Nike Dunk High AC Mesh Pack

these are too clean.
more info @ Highsnobiety

From Big Eyes, Little Soles "Going For Gold"

These are too slick. The gold swoosh stand out so nice against the white. The gum outsole is butta. Check em out!

From Big Eyes Little Soles: 
The perfect-white sneaker sits so nicely on a gum-coloured outsole and is given a feminine boost with a metallic gold Swoosh. Don’t even worry about them getting them dirty as they’re made from leather, so a quick wipe down will keep them looking boxfresh!
 From Sneaker News:
The Nike Dunk is known for featuring a white midsole on a huge variety of releases, but here's one that takes that pristine look and stretches it across the entire vamp.  The Dunk High GS pictured above is constructed in white leather with an interesting heel texture that's somewhere between a honeycomb and reptile scales.  A Metallic Gold Swoosh is the perfect match for a gum rubber outsole, making for one of the cleanest looks for little kids we've seen in quite a while.

 more info and pics can be found @:

August 19, 2011

Music Is... Big Sean "Get It"

Music Is... Ebrahim "In My Heart I Am: Zebrahim"

Ya boy Sean The Robot introduced me to this talented man, via his tumblr Head Cut Off. He is incredible. No special production or anything here. Just really, REALLY good singing and beat-boxing.

initially i was going to give this album away for free, but since some of my loved ones decided to selflessly devote themselves to the Ride To Conquer Cancer, i figured the least i could do was dedicate this little project to them. 100% of the money raised from this project will go towards this by ebrahim and häzel artwork by corbin portillo and lou papa

August 18, 2011

Music Is...Alice Gold "End Of The World" (video)

From Highsnobiety - Greg Hunt x Vans Syndicate Era “S” & Av Sk8 Low “S”

" Vans" Until reading this post, I'd never heard of Greg Hunt but, I think I'll be doing a little more research after this. Check out these signature Vans he's received in regards to his contribution to skateboarding.

Having won the TWS Best Video Award in 2009 for Alien Workshop’s “MindField,” skateboard filmmaker Greg Hunt is as rad as they come. Further honoring his contribution to skateboarding Greg has received a signature duo of Vans Syndicate sneakers. The Era and Av Sk8 Low are both featured in Dark Grey with embossed leather details and black on black logo prints. Arriving at Syndicate accounts later this year.

info and pics @ Highsnobiety

August 17, 2011

Art Is... From Highsnobiety: HUF Fall 2011 Delivery One Lookbook

Photography has become an increasing interest of mine. Something about the right shot intrigues me. Anyways, here are some photos from the Huf 2011 Lookbook.

HUF presents their Fall 2011 Delivery One Lookbook as shot at the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo by photographer Dennis McGrath. All items now available through the HUF online store.

more pics and info @ Highsnobiety

August 15, 2011

Music Is... Nikki Jean "My Love" (video)

From "Pennies In A Jar" here's 'My Love'
The simplicity is what I appreciate the most. Who doesn't want love?

From Neon & Nonsense: Lupe Fiasco for Trilly & Truly

A photo taken from a few years back promoting the Trilly & Truly clothing brand. Nice? I know.

There's another photo that zooms in on the Goyard bag he's holding in his right hand. I figured I'd post what couldn't be seen in the first shot. I love that embroidery.

August 14, 2011

From Big Eyes, Little Soles - Slam Dunks

Though I'm an Adidas nut, I do like Nikes; more specifically Dunks. I have to say I love this colorway. :)

Nike Dunk WMNS Dunk Low CL ‘Canon / Black Green – White
The white laces provide a fresh contrast to the ‘Black Green’ Swoosh and I really love the ‘Cannon’ base. It’s such a timeless, sophisticated colour which works well on leather and canvas (as on this pair of kicks)...
 more info and pics @ Big Eyes Little

MPD Freestyle - Sean The Robot

This is an uploaded video from Sean himself.

(If you do not know by now Sean is the creator behind The LupE.N.D. Blog, a site that focuses primarily on everything Lupe Fiasco, along with other artists, music and happenings. He's been posting since 2007, along with fellow contributors Rhymestyle, Lady Lasers, and datkid1220. It's an excellent blog in general.)

Anywayz, this vid is of Sean doing a lil' somthing on the beat-pad.

Ni**as in Paris [MPD Freestyle] from SeanTheRobot on Vimeo.

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Music Is... The Saturdays "All Fired Up" (video)

 pic from their Myspace blog page

The Saturdays are an English/Irish girl group based out of the UK. They've been on the music scene since their formation in 2007. Thus far, they have 9 UK top ten singles even though they only have two albums to-date. With two tours under their belt, they're currently on number three, the "All Fired Up Tour", which seems to be very promising.

The main reason I like this video is because of the energy behind it. It's a really upbeat track. The video has some nice imagery too.
Polydor/The Saturdays page
The Saturdays official site

Music Is... Plan B "Love Goes Down" in The Early Show on Saturday's Second Cup Café

I love his voice. His background singer too. I love the harmony and how in sync they are with each other.I like how he ad-libs at the end.

Enjoy ☺


August 13, 2011

From Highsnobiety - adidas Originals B-Sides Edition Launch at No. 74 Berlin

Let me say I love the thin tongue on the shell-toe
Today we witnessed something that we have not in a while. Camping, lining up, lists – all that for sneakers. Today No. 74 in Berlin released the Bape Superstar, the Undefeated Top Ten and the original colorway of the Micropacer. People traveled to Berlin from all over Europe to get their hands on a pair. Only London and Tokyo will get these, with the US entirely left out from the drop, for reasons that we do not know.

more pics and info @ Highsnobiety

From Highsnobiety - adidas Originals ‘all Originals’ Custom Icon Kit for Highsnobiety

Of course I would be drawn to this one. Love Adidas.
just so you can see the logo :)
adidas Originals recently unveiled their new “all Originals” campaign which brings together several different adidas Originals supporters like Snoop Dogg, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Big Sean, Jeremy Scott, Sky Ferreira, Odd Future, DJ Neil Armstrong and HVW8 to combines music, fashion and sport with the most popular Iconics sneakers of last 40 years – the Superstar, Gazelle, Samoa and Campus.
We received a kit here at Highsnobiety, customized for our Americas Editor Pete Williams, with “p. williams” lasered on the right heel, the HS crown logo lasered on the left and wooden PETER WILLIAMS lace locks.

more info and pics @ Highsnobiety

August 12, 2011

From Highsnobiety - Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Neon Yellow’

I was looking through there most recent posts and these were completely too bright to pass up! This is just straight highlighter color.

more info @ Highsnobiety

Music Is... Daniel de Bourg "The DDB Mixtape Volume 1 -THE PRELUDE"

I came across this man when I my cousin showed me a YouTube video with him and fellow artist Josh Lehman covering "Sooner Than Later" by Drake. Bourg is an Rn'B artist from the UK. A part of his bio from  
Hailing from Chelmsford, England...It was at the suggestion of a friend that heard him singing that Debourg found himself in the position for a career in music. Through the friend, Debourg sang some rough demos that soon landed in the hands of Robbie Robertson, who was scouting talent for Dreamworks. Impressed by Debourg's soulful voice, the label signed the fledgling singer to a deal and his debut, Tell The World, was issued in 2002. 
Main thing I can say is, dude can SANG, not sing, SANG! 

Coldplay "Mylo xyloto" album artwork

to be released October 25th
Seen first on Head Cut Off by Sean The ROBOT

From Highsnobiety - Graham Chronofighter Oversize for Mansory

What can I say? Highsnobiety has the lowdown on the goods :)

Watchmaker Graham gets together with German car tuner Mansory on a limited edition Chronofighter Oversize.

 more info @ Highsnobiety

August 11, 2011

From Highsnobiety - Bless Watch Belt

This may be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. What makes it so funky is not but a week ago, I was thinking, what if someone designed a "watch belt"? Well, here it is.

I have that watch too! :)
 more info @ Highsnobiety

August 08, 2011

Music Is... TV On The Radio "Caffeinated Consciousness"

Anytime I visit Polydor they never cease to amaze me with talented artist

A bit from their bio:
This TV On The Radio album, "NineTypes of Light" (Interscope), is a lush and beautiful album that stands apart from the group's previous work. If their other albums had shades of dystopia and distress, this album, sung by Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone, is filled with songs about longing and love."I like love songs. There's nothing particularly interesting going on withme in my life to bear this work. I like the forms of love songs, the poetry." Kyp adds that though there might be more "positivity"on this album, it wasn't an overall conceit they set out to do. "We've attempted to work on themes before but they fall apart very quickly. More organic versions arise because we're sharing time or space or communication." 
It's been a while since I've visited and I find this to be a very interesting video. This is a track off of their forth album titled "Nine Types Of Light"
Polydor Records

August 07, 2011

The XXL... Excerpt III From A Work In progress (from Lupe Fiasco)

For some reason or another I decided to post this entry from Lupe in its entirety. I have to read this a few more times myself but, I figured I get it in before I head off to work.

The XXL...

Its by far the best of times. There is so much to choose from. Endless choice. An abundance of delicacies. Filling the void should be easy. And what a hungry void it is! And as deep as it is hungry but by the time i'm finished with it it will be stuffed to the brim. By the forkful and by the forklift it will be satisfied. And there is so much more to be piled upon satisfaction as well. Layer after layer. No other time can compare to the surplus of these present hours. No other place can even begin to compare tallies of gorgeous, delectable things.

We are leaps and bounds ahead of the nearest and so far ahead of the farthest, one is presupposed to even question their very existence. To the limits we go. Bulging ever further from our cores. Pushing our borders into territories as of yet unknown. Growing ever so gargantuan. Swelling and puffing from the intake of the wide array of delights. I envy not those who lack. I pity them. The only thing that pulls me from the depths of complete sorrow for their plight is the ever comforting pillow of mine own plump abundance. If i could wish away their ghastly slim inhabitance I would not refrain even an atom's weight from doing just that service.
My expedience of action pours out of my humane mercy and out of due responsibility over the potential forfeiture of my own amounts. But most of all my decency in regards to matters of humiliation of others. If i could devour up their unfitness I would do so immediately. I would eat their despair. I would dine on their misery. I would swallow whole the entirety of their abject wretchedness. I would add them to my ever expanding girth. They would become me. And in becoming me they too would feast upon the mouth-watering mass of scrumptious objects. Their palettes would be corrected to discern and detect the honest flavor of substances. The impartiality of their backward gastronomic philosophies would breakdown under the weight of a refined, imperial gourmet sensibility. It moves me to near flooding of my saucers and bowls with tears of joy to have such prophetic knowledge of their future ascension into grace. The rise into the face of civility.

The passage into the mouth of dignity. The regal traverse through the necks of enlightenment. The heroes welcome into the belly of royalty. Look at those faces, so innocent, so pure. I could just gobble them up. The crisis that would arise in aftermath would only be one of "What next?" "WHAT NEXT INDEED?!!" My eyes sharply lift from the empty plate in shock and horror. Until this moment I hadn't pondered this consequence with any serious depth. How did the elephantine gravity of such an impending emergency elude me with such stealth of existence? How will I survive once they have all been eaten? It empties me with dread. Starves me with uncertainty. My eyes search the dining room in grand distress for structures of the most basic edibility. The furniture. The taxidermy. The suits of armor. The rugs. The walls. The candles. The shotguns. The hounds. The servants. My fellow diners. The latter three discoveries calm my desperate search. But instantly I'm whipped into a panic yet again at the notion they too will be insufficient in the long run.

The panicked eyes thus begin the pitiful hunt again. Until suddenly they cease their random interrogation. I have lost control of them. The wandering becomes self aware and detached from my governance. My eyes no longer mine slowly creep their gaze downward, ever so downward. Coming to rest on my own fleshy rotundness. The mouth waters and grins in compliance. The nostrils flare in allegiance. The tongue is diabolic in its conspiracy. The throat swallows in approval. Alas the hunger has found its last resort. Bon appetit.

"Weight loses when patience wins." If I had a gym I would write that on the wall.

Wasalu "Lupe Fiasco" Jaco


August 06, 2011

Ludacris - Diamond In The Back

A vid I was in the mood for. Again, I forget how good something sounds until I revisit it.

August 05, 2011

2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Lupe's gotta get that VMA...

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

The Dispatch... Excerpt II From A "Work In Progress" (From Lupe Fiasco)

Again thought provoking...

The Dispatch...

I went out and visited with the collateral damage today. It says "Hi" and that everything is great. The optimism of the collateral damage knows no bounds and should be applauded for its lack of even a hair of despair. Upon the first sight of me the collateral damage exploded into thunderous applause. It shot headfirst into cheering and a pleasant albeit foreign whistling that filled the air with the audible scent of sweet daisies, a strange description I suspect most would reach if one were to try to find a comparable sensation in the realm of flora.

I was literally pulled into one of many fine homes of the collateral damage and at once noticed how airy and free of obstruction it was. The sun beamed in from every vantage it could find illuminating the entire inner dwelling in a natural morning fire that would put all the chandelier and candelabra of Versailles to shame. The collateral damage then relaxed itself in the most odd positions to and fro around the house and floor wherever comfort was to be possessed. Yogic contortions and asymmetrical postures of the most delightful and exotic origin. I can only describe it as a dance minus movement. From these positions, of which I was welcomed to try but for the life of me was hopelessly unable to mimic, the collateral damage spoke in the oddest measures and beats. Furthermore chatter was about the most random and roundabout things. It was as if I were not in the room at all. From what I deciphered, the moments right after the previous nights meal had to be of significant importance as it was the only topic of conversation. Spoken about up to a point then abruptly stopped mid-word then rewound and started again. Initially the cultural practices and habits of the collateral damage don't lend themselves easily to crossing the divide of opposing customs but after a while of just casual attendance the finer points can be deduced to a satisfactory medium of understanding....

Continued on The LupE.N.D. Blog or

Music Is... Fall Out Boy "Dance Dance" (video)

The Boys again. "Dance Dance" is another hit from these guys. Looking back at this vid, I forgot how funky it was. Love the melody o this track too. I forgot how just good how good they are.

Music Is... Tha' Rayne Feat. Lupe Fiasco "Kiss Me"

I was looking for some of the earliest features or tracks I could find of Mr. Jaco and this is what I stumbled upon. I know he's been doing this music thing for a while but, this is what I dug up. Kinda funky. Looking back in retrospect his style seems to have remained the same. Of course he's matured however his lyrical approach is very similar to now. This is from 2002. I may have to do a little more research on the group though. I've read it's a duo, then other sources say it's really a trio. We'll see. Listen to this in the meantime.

August 04, 2011

Music Is... Travis Barker: Give The Drummer Some "If You Want To"

Get it
Wheww. For starters the cover art is sick. The thing I like most about it is how the bandages keep the drumsticks right where his ear would be. That means to me that Barker is all drums 24/7, 365. The album is great and I'm saying that from the perspective of specifically the beats. Not that the content is nothing, there are many collabos but, what I focused on more than anything is his skill. If you don't know, and you should, Travis Barker is a crazy talented drummer who's notoriety is credited much to his continued success as apart of Blink 182.

The main track I'm pointing out here is "If You Want To". You got the ridiculous lyrical talent of Lupe Fiasco, the fresh sonic approach from Pharrell Williams (part of the Neptunes production team and NERD) and the man with the sticks Travis Barker. A incredible trio to me.

Music Is... Fall Out Boy "Sugar We're Going Down"

Another Fall Out Boy joint. I love the melody of this song, particularly the bridge for some reason. The lyrics have some real vulnerability to them. Come on, "I'm a notch in your bedpost..." or "Wishing to be the friction in your jeans." If that isn't honesty I don't know what is. I also like the way the lyrics bounce along the beat at times. For example where Patrick sings "Oh don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet", the way it parallels the drums are perfect. Anywho, enjoy :)

Music Is... Fall Out Boy "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" (video)

How on earth did I forget about this. I was reading up on some collabs Lupe had done in the past and I noticed he was on the remix of this original. It finally hit me after a few minutes that I knew the song but, it's been a while since I have. It's funky watching the various situations they go through. This was my jam back in 06', still is! Check out the video from their 2007 album release "Infinity On High" ;)

Music Is... Lupe Fiasco "Much More"

The 2006 mixtape release

"Much More"

The Times...An Excerpt From A "Work In Progress" (From Lupe Fiasco)

This is amongst one of the more interesting things I've read lately. A very observant and honest examination of the "square" in its culmination. Here's a portion:

The Times…

Stepping out into the square the first thing noticed is the emptiness. Odd because the square is crawling with people. It is at maximum capacity. It is full. The emptiness is not the lack of objects but the lack of substance. The lack of purpose. Odd again because the square is full of things to do. It is bustling with all forms of entertainment and engagement. It is full of purpose. The dual nature of the square leads one to cancel out attempts at identifying the true nature of the square because at once it is undefinable and also defines itself thoroughly. The purpose of the square is nothing that feels like something. The square is ornate but lacks artistic appeal. The ornate gilding and filigree is mere reproduction of some original romantic or oriental design. It mimics authenticity but by its very unnatural production it is stripped of any authentic merit. Its placement among the modern structures and fixtures screams out that it doesn't belong even though it's just as modern as they are age-wise. It betrays itself. It cancels itself out.

Nothing can be added to the square. Things are only taken by the square. Everything in the square costs some portion of oneself. Time is taken in the square and paid to the relentless marketing stalls, signage and campaigns. Money is taken in the square by the ceaseless vending machines of unnecessary items. Life is not taken in the square though. Life is exchanged. Your non-square life in exchange for the glamour and speed of the square's life. There is a glut of communication in the square but no talking. No conversation. Merely questions about the state of your present affairs and the opportunity to modify them for a time. The chance to become beautiful, fashionable, important, happy, desirable, entertained, perfect. In short all the things you were not before you entered the square.

The food of the square is delicious and plentiful, if you can afford it. The price of this sustenance is high at the start of the day but the value depreciates over its course as the food rushes to its inevitable rottenness...
Check out the rest on:

TheLupE.N.D. Blog or

Kidrobot: Checkers Robot Women's T-Shirt

The Robot Head is printed in black & white gingham, bordered with red on this black heather cotton tee. [Insert your favorite "what's black and white and read all over" joke here.]

ARTST: Ivan Stojanovic "hobbes"

Ivan Stojanovic on

Bloomberg: Karmaloop on the TV set?

saw it first on Head Cut Off by SeanTheROBOT

Music Is... David Dallas - "Sideline" feat Che Fu [Music Video]

Mr. Dallas is another artist I've taken a liking to over since the end of last year. He's got a good flow. He has understandable situations. Check this one out from "The Rose Tint".

What I Think About "Beef"

I think that "beef", as it's called in the music bizz, is one of the most miniscule things ever. I'm not referring to just hip-hop/rap either. My question is why does it arise in the first place? I mean, I realize that each individual situation has something that initiates the spark but, why have that? Why would you deliberately cause drama with someone else or other individuals? You get into music for some reason. At the very least, part of that reason is because you LOVE music. That love would seemingly motivate you to put the majority of your energy towards an honest product. That honesty entails being woman or man enough to settle those disagreements in a fashion that doesn't allow it to stretch and stretch. Moreover preventing it from consuming the music. Adding to that, sometimes things blow up a little more than you may have anticipated. Therefor some circumstances sort of give way to a long drawn out feud. Personally I feel that most of these disputes can end much sooner than they do. To me, most continue just for the sake of notoriety and entertainment purposes..............but that's whatever, I'll digress.

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