August 12, 2011

Music Is... Daniel de Bourg "The DDB Mixtape Volume 1 -THE PRELUDE"

I came across this man when I my cousin showed me a YouTube video with him and fellow artist Josh Lehman covering "Sooner Than Later" by Drake. Bourg is an Rn'B artist from the UK. A part of his bio from  
Hailing from Chelmsford, England...It was at the suggestion of a friend that heard him singing that Debourg found himself in the position for a career in music. Through the friend, Debourg sang some rough demos that soon landed in the hands of Robbie Robertson, who was scouting talent for Dreamworks. Impressed by Debourg's soulful voice, the label signed the fledgling singer to a deal and his debut, Tell The World, was issued in 2002. 
Main thing I can say is, dude can SANG, not sing, SANG! 

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