August 28, 2011

From Highsnobiety - 25 Years Of Airwalk by Cullen Poythress

I was skimming through some of the pages and landed on this one. I immediately think tennis ball when I see this one, how about you?

Airwalk Jim

A snippet from the Q&A with Director of Product Randy Kleiner:
How has Airwalk adapted with the times in terms of skateboarding? Were there certain ideas and features the brand adopted in its design to accommodate for the changing direction of skateboarding during the early 90s?

The early 90’s were a fusion of durability and style. Upper designs began losing all their molded parts and ideas like double or triple layer Ollie protection took hold using properly patterned suedes. Shoes became less bulky-looking, yet held up equally as along.
more info and pics @ Highsnobiety 

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