August 04, 2011

What I Think About "Beef"

I think that "beef", as it's called in the music bizz, is one of the most miniscule things ever. I'm not referring to just hip-hop/rap either. My question is why does it arise in the first place? I mean, I realize that each individual situation has something that initiates the spark but, why have that? Why would you deliberately cause drama with someone else or other individuals? You get into music for some reason. At the very least, part of that reason is because you LOVE music. That love would seemingly motivate you to put the majority of your energy towards an honest product. That honesty entails being woman or man enough to settle those disagreements in a fashion that doesn't allow it to stretch and stretch. Moreover preventing it from consuming the music. Adding to that, sometimes things blow up a little more than you may have anticipated. Therefor some circumstances sort of give way to a long drawn out feud. Personally I feel that most of these disputes can end much sooner than they do. To me, most continue just for the sake of notoriety and entertainment purposes..............but that's whatever, I'll digress.

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