June 30, 2011

Street Fighter Mini Series 3-Inch | Kidrobot

Street Fighter Mini Series 3-Inch | Kidrobot

Kid Robot, if you know of them, is notorious for releasing exclusive and rare sets of toys. They're also known for doing many collaborations and this one is no different. Here, they've done a collab with the Street Fighter series, creating a mini set of familiar characters. You've got Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile (that impossible sonic boom), Sagat (Hyper upercut!), Balrog, Blanka, Zangief, E-Honda, Dhalsim (even blowing the fire), and Vega. These little things are pretty nice. That reminds me, even though I know I can't make it, TheLupE.N.D. Blog posted just a day or so ago that via Sony, New York is hosting a Street Fighter 4 tournament with a NICE grand prize.

kidrobot: home
TheLupE.N.D. Blog: home

June 29, 2011

Music Is: Lupe Fiasco (feat. Trey Songz) "Out Of My Head" (video)

"Don't care what nobody say", I love it. Nuff said, now watch.


New Show: Ridiculousness

New show airing on MTV hosted by Rob Dyrdek. Their will be some other recognizable faces as well :) Premiers Monday, August 29 @ 10PM. Check this trailer out, it's some straight up ridiculousness.

courtesy of Aol TV. and (Maggie, The Show Girl)

site link and more info: here
Maggie Twitter: @TheTVShowGirl

Art Is... Style Depth - As One: Techno label "Hum and Low"

I was browsing through the As One site again and I found this logo, something I'm assuming he designed. The aesthetics are nice on this one. Nice to look at. I was trying to find the site of this label but, I had no luck on that. I'll keep trying and as soon as I can I'll post the link.

image link: Design
Style Depth.com

Music Is... Kenna "Say Goodbye To Love"

A good ol' track produced by The Neptunes, Chad more specifically if I'm right. This track is from his 06'-07' album "Make Sure They See My Face". Anywho, I liked it when I first heard it and I still do. Do enjoy if you choose.

Get it

June 26, 2011

Music Is... Robin Thicke "Wanna Love U Girl" (Feat. Pharrell)

Released March 21, 2006 - Get it

Boy, you could've told me this wasn't my joint. I loved this song from the moment I heard it. I know it wasn't that long ago but, this is a classic for me.

June 24, 2011

Music Is... Chivalry Music Group: 2011

A third treat and again an independent thing. Love it, love it, love it. Inpdt. artist K.O. Beatz produced the tracks for this here; it not all of them I know he was definitely an aid.

Chivalry Music Group

Music Is... Jeanette Berry: Peace, Love and Music

Another independent artists doing it. I love her voice. Very mellow, melodic tracks here. Listen for yourself.


Music Is... K.O. Beatz: 18th Of Mayhem

I don't bump into things like this that often, I consider it a treat. Everything here is an instrumental and you know I dote on those :)

More info:
Check out K.O. Beatz

June 23, 2011

Music Is... RJD2: The Colossus "Games You Can Win (feat. Kenna) w/ lyrics

I don't remember if I've expressed my sentiments towards this particular track but, let me do that now, even if I did, lol. I love it. RJD2 and Kenna did something special here. The lyrics are meaningful no doubt though they are not what I typically hear. I adore something that differentiates itself, so I'm drawn to them. I've posted this song as a part of a playlist before. But, here it is as a singleton.

You greenhorns might cruise your way
From the basement at mom's,
To a little face time someday
With the man and the clowns, but

Will it last long,
But will it last long,

Path of ambition's a field of gray,
But then it won't clear
And the decisions that make grown men cry,
Are waiting right here
In the wings to appear,
In the wings to appear,

Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
And only play the games you can win
Play your hand close,
Like you had a glass chin
Now let's begin

Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
And only play the games you can win
Play your hand close,
Like you had a glass chin
Now let's begin

Nobody gets to know the one right way,
'Til they do the wrong ones
You can only foresee your own quaint
Little fears and problems,
In the hopes to become,
In the hopes to become,

And with his own handicap at hand,
He's a reckoning force
He'll eat alive all the young he sees,
Who aspire to be

The proud and the sure,
The sure,
The proud and the sure
The sure

Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
And only play the games you can win
Play your hand close,
Like you had a glass chin
Now let's begin

Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
And only play the games you can win
Play your hand close,
Like you had a glass chin
Now let's begin

Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
And only play the games you can win
Play your hand close,
Like you had a glass chin
Now let's begin
Keep your mouth shut 'til you get 'em in,
Only play the games you can win

Let's begin
Let's begin
Let's begin
Let's begin
Let's begin
Let's begin...

June 22, 2011

Art Is... Graffiti: Chimy (featured on Art Crimes)

Browsing on Art Crimes a bit today. I like this

Art Crimes: Home
Art Crimes: Chimy page

June 21, 2011

Art Is... Graffiti: Style Depth - As One (featured on Art Crimes)

Two pieces I particularly liked

Crossfit Ignite Gym in Waterloo, Sydney.

Sam's Watchmaker Jeweller offices, located in the heart of Sydney's CBD.
Art Crimes: As One p.2, home

Style Depth: walls, home

June 20, 2011

Art Is... Graffiti: Art Crimes - The Writing on the Wall

The debate toward whether or not graffiti is vandalism/crime or what have you is ongoing. That's something that I highly doubt will ever resolve itself. At times I'm on the fence but, I love the stuff. I don't agree with the portion that may get a little derogatory or get a bit gang related. It's funky though, because even with that, I like the artistry of it all. It's always intrigued me. The distorted lettering, the images, the colors, various sizes, the technicality, the simplicity, everything. I've dabbled in it a bit and I have to say that I pull it off OK sometimes. Here's a picture of something I did a little while ago.


Basically, I love this art form. Here's a site showcasing graffiti from various parts of the states as well as across the globe. Some good stuff.

June 19, 2011

Music Is... Chaka Khan "Angel"

Get it

My mom put this on a CD a month or so back but, she's known the song since the album's release in 2007. From "Funk This", this song is beautiful. Chaka Khans voice is golden. It's distinctive, you know it when you hear it. My mom says she loves the bass on this one, and when we're bumpin' it in the car I have to agree. I love that this song showcases that huge voice of Chaka's. From back in the day with Rufus to now, it's no doubt the woman has IT and I doubt she'll ever lose it, at least I hope not.

As always, enjoy :)


June 17, 2011

Music Is... Stevie Wonder "You Haven't Done Nothin'"

Mom mom and I have been bumpin' this like crazy over the past week or so. Made in 1974 form his 12th album "Fulfillingness' First Finale", "You Haven't Done Nothin'" is a very profound song and heavy on the political scene. The lyrics truly say all that needs to be said. Seems like only Stevie could create such a funky funk song and it contain such deep meaning.

Here it goes...

Music Is... Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Had to mellow out with some "Human Nature". This is among my top tracks of this man. I don't know how I reason that considering I love pretty much all of it. Anywayz, "Thriller", every track was a smash. I think it's the top selling album worldwide, but that still doesn't measure the effect it had. I'm talking too much, just listen.

June 16, 2011

Music Is... Monie Love - It's A Shame

Personally, I couldn't post The Spinners original and not put this up.
Nothing to explain.

This version uploaded on YouTube by samakkpemata

Music Is... The Spinners - It's A Shame

I was watching Unsung with my mom and the episode was based on The Spinners. It's funky because before this song was mentioned, I just started singing it, asking my mom if she knew it. She didn't to my surprise, the way she knows nearly every song on the face of this earth. So, as the episode progressed, the song surfaced, and I was just kept saying that I had the feeling they sung it originally. I learned though, that it was written or initially intended for Stevie Wonder but, it was just shelved for a while. "It's A Shame" became their breakout hit in the 70's. A classic no doubt.

Please enjoy.

I chose the Essentials mp3 format at ramdom but, there are plenty to choose from.


Yup, that's Akuma. For some reason or another he's turned into one of my favorite Street Fighter franchise characters. I love playing with him. His style, while similar to Ken and Ryu's, offers something different. He carries some serious aggression. My first introduction was on "Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000". He's an unlock-able/purchase-able character when you collect enough vs. points in arcade mode. I know he was created much earlier than that. Hey, call me late. Anyways, Akuma is a top notch villain capable to compete against any and all. 

PNTHA Low Cork by Feit

A brand I'd heard of about 4 or 5 years back. I though they were done with but, apparently not. Check this out. Personally this is the first time I've ever seen cork as part of the anatomy of a shoe. I have to say I like it, me and my strange self.

Check out Highsnobiety for more pics.

Art Is... “What Memories” By Darrel Tank. Drawn using the 5-pencil method.

The drawing below is by a very talented man by the name of Darryl Tank. He's developed through trial and error what he's dubbed as the "5 Pencil (Drawing) Method". Basically it lends technique to drawing portraits of various objects with various contours and things of the like. He demonstrates these tips through videos that he posts on his site regularly. I love this particular drawing because of the intricate detail.

Check it out. 

fivepencilmethod: Post link
fivepencilmethod: Home page

Dave Mirra landing the double backflip @ 2000 x-games

I can remember being about 9 or 10, glued to the television watching him stick that trick. At the time my comprehension of BMX wasn't top notch but, I knew it took some real physical ability to carry that out. Watching Dave Mirra land the double backflip almost flawlessly let me know this is a no joke sport.

Check it out.

Music Is... Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow

This track is monstrous. The tempo of his flow is flawless fa real. Love love love it.


Everything about it. From the games, to the console, to the logo and beyond. Yeah for SEGA!!!

June 14, 2011

Music Is... Ayah "When It Comes To You"

Nice track, nice sound, nice vibe, nice voice. Honest lyrics. I'm lovin' it to the full. Enjoy this track right here.

Shouts out to YouHeardThatNew, where I first heard the song. 

YouHeardThatNew: Post link, Home page

June 13, 2011

LA Gears

A video I kinda fell in love with immediately. Love some LA Gears. Check out the clip below.

La Gear- Step Into Lights (Director's Cut) from Jaybones on Vimeo.

June 09, 2011

Music Is... Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

*A little background - At the time this album was released, my analysis skills and fully grasping an entire concept were not at there best. Though I'd heard two singles at the time, and fully understood them, I couldn't remotely tell you about "The Cool". Happy to say that now on a scale from 1 to 10, I'm about an 8.5, sometimes a 9.

A product spawned from the song of the same title on the previous record ("Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor"), this album is what I feel to be a complete conceptual creation, sprinkled with Lupe's masterful lyrical talents. Typing out word for word, a description of each track would do some justice to this piece but, it's nothing in comparison to LISTENING to each song and fully ingesting the words for yourself. For example "Dumb It Down" is ridiculously excellent. Such a play on words and double meanings. The intro track "Baba Says Cool For Thought", a spoken word number, sets the tone for the core content. Here's a video conducted by Joy Daily from Real Talk NY.net with none other than Lupe. I'm the type who likes to here it from the horses mouth, no "he say, she say" type mess. Check it out as he discusses the album. 

The culmination of multiple messages that I've come to derive from "The Cool" and Lupe in general is the constant battle between positive and negative. The scale is constantly on tilt. How the media will idealize certain acts and/or lifestyles and brand it into your mind that this is cool. The unfavorable circumstances and surroundings that many unfortunately deal with or come in contact with on a daily basis. For some it's all they see, they become a product of that environment and that becomes "the cool" in a way.

Lupe encourages a change in that monotone mindset through thorough lyrics and headstrong persistence.

 Two of my favorite tracks:
"Gold Watch"

"Paris Tokyo"

Get it 

RealTalkNY: YouTube
RealTalkNY: Official Site
Lupe Fiasco: Official Site

June 07, 2011

Music Is... One my favorite singles: Jon B. "They Don't Know"

I need to review this entire album but, for now I'll let cha' hear one of my favorite songs on this planet. Jon B.. Man has a super smooth voice. It only hit me about two or three days ago to dig him up again. It's funny how songs go in rotation in your head. Hmm, thinking of the mind as a playlist there's no telling how many songs we have listed in the cranium. Anywayz, "They Don't Know" was a major hit from his 1997 release "Cool Relax". I love it. Makes me think warm, go figure.


June 06, 2011

A Quote My Mom Taught Me A Long Time Ago...

Abraham Lincoln: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

I find that to be more relevant each and every day. 

Pic from: goodreads.com

Music Is... Train: Drops Of Jupiter

"Drops Of Jupiter" was released March 27, 2001. If your anything like me, than you were initially introduced to Train by the single of the same title. I can remember, though a bit vague, hearing it for the first time when I was 11 or 12. I loved it to death. Then I saw the video and fell for it madly even more so. My mom purchased this a roughly a year or so afterward but, it never occurred to me to listen to more content until recently. Getting right to it, I think the album as a whole has a singular sound in a way. From a track listing of 11 songs, I would say that only three of them truly stand out amongst the rest: (3)"Drops Of Jupiter", (6)"Respect, and (10)"Getaway". When I say that tone of the album carries a monotone aspect, I mean that the record doesn't seem to stray too far from that mild, mellow, contemporary/soft rock tempo. Not dissing it, I like it but, I wish it would have garnered a pinch more variety.

Overall, the album as a final product is solid. Check it out.

She's On Fire
I Wish You Would
*Drops Of Jupiter*
It's About You
Let It Roll
Something More
Whipping Boy

"Drops Of Jupiter"

June 03, 2011

Music Is... OLDSCHOOL - AWB (Average White Band): Overature (LP Version)

I've wanted to upload this track for some time now. I'd searched all over for a clear version, the right length and all that. So I finally got it off of Amazon.com and decided to put it up. I love this. This opening piece perfectly sets the tone for the whole record. It's so mellow and soothing. A must listen.

Music Is... The Waitresses: I Know What Boys Like (Video)

I was watching VH1 Classic this morning and after Elton Johns "Sad Song(Says So Much) finished, this video played next. I know I've heard this song a few times in the past, but seeing it was a whole other thing. I know it's just a video but, I love the imagery. I love the attitude and everything. A very pop art type thing for me. 80's to the fullest.

Reminds me of The Ting Tings "Shut Up And Let Me Go" for some reason

June 02, 2011

Music Is... David Dallas: The Rose Tint

May 10th, I posted a video from David Dallas titled "Life Is...". Little did I know that this would be on his most recent release the very next day. "The Rose Tint" is nothing short of great stuff. I say that with no caution at all because though I haven't heard everything just yet, I'm simply confident that it is. What I have listened to, "Caught In A Daze", "Life Is...", "Start Looking Round" and "Til Tomorrow" have me thoroughly convinced that this dude is not playing around. Produced by New Zealanders' P-Money (Peter Wandams), 41 and Fire & Ice, the beats are "Something Awesome", no pun intended. From what I can tell, the content stems from the determination to solidify himself, to speak about himself (not all high and mighty), his family and everyday life. From what I know this album was released free of cost, and as of now it still is. Should that change anytime soon, it would be worth every cent.

Start Looking Round (prod. Dan “Exile” Mawby)
Say No More (prod. Fire & Ice)
Take a Picture (prod. Fire & Ice)
Caught in a Daze feat. Freddie Gibbs (prod. Fire & Ice)
Nothing to Do (With You) feat. Pieter T (prod. Fire & Ice)
Life Is… (Interlude) (prod. Fire & Ice)
Til Tomorrow (prod. Fire & Ice)
Ain’t Perfect f. Jordache (prod. Fire & Ice)
Sideline f. Che Fu (prod. by Fire & Ice)
Dream (prod. Nick “41” Maclaren)
Postcard (prod. Fire & Ice)
Make Up for It feat. PNC (prod. P-Money)
[Bonus] Ain’t Coming Down feat. Buckshot (prod. Fire & Ice)

A track I've taken a liking to as of late...

David Dallas Offcial Site: http://www.daviddallas.co.nz/News/
Current download link for album: http://www.daviddallas.co.nz/  (from there just click download, should take you to media fire)

June 01, 2011

Music Is... Lupe Fiasco "I Gotcha" ft. The Robert Glasper Experiment

Ya know, it seems like when I get my kicks on a certain artist I can't quite let go for a while. If you've been reading up here as of late I've been posting much of what I like from Lupe Fiasco, that of which hasn't even scratched the surface. So anywayz, here's another one. In the video below, Lupe and jazz musician Robert Glasper along with his band members perform an eccentric rendition of "I Gotcha". It's something really special. Not in a way that it's this epic event but, how the chemistry between them is very apparent and there's no outshining amongst them. Everything meshes effortlessly. They all enter this musical twilight zone.


Posted on YouTube by:  revivedalivemusic     

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