June 06, 2011

Music Is... Train: Drops Of Jupiter

"Drops Of Jupiter" was released March 27, 2001. If your anything like me, than you were initially introduced to Train by the single of the same title. I can remember, though a bit vague, hearing it for the first time when I was 11 or 12. I loved it to death. Then I saw the video and fell for it madly even more so. My mom purchased this a roughly a year or so afterward but, it never occurred to me to listen to more content until recently. Getting right to it, I think the album as a whole has a singular sound in a way. From a track listing of 11 songs, I would say that only three of them truly stand out amongst the rest: (3)"Drops Of Jupiter", (6)"Respect, and (10)"Getaway". When I say that tone of the album carries a monotone aspect, I mean that the record doesn't seem to stray too far from that mild, mellow, contemporary/soft rock tempo. Not dissing it, I like it but, I wish it would have garnered a pinch more variety.

Overall, the album as a final product is solid. Check it out.

She's On Fire
I Wish You Would
*Drops Of Jupiter*
It's About You
Let It Roll
Something More
Whipping Boy

"Drops Of Jupiter"

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