June 20, 2011

Art Is... Graffiti: Art Crimes - The Writing on the Wall

The debate toward whether or not graffiti is vandalism/crime or what have you is ongoing. That's something that I highly doubt will ever resolve itself. At times I'm on the fence but, I love the stuff. I don't agree with the portion that may get a little derogatory or get a bit gang related. It's funky though, because even with that, I like the artistry of it all. It's always intrigued me. The distorted lettering, the images, the colors, various sizes, the technicality, the simplicity, everything. I've dabbled in it a bit and I have to say that I pull it off OK sometimes. Here's a picture of something I did a little while ago.


Basically, I love this art form. Here's a site showcasing graffiti from various parts of the states as well as across the globe. Some good stuff.

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