June 02, 2011

Music Is... David Dallas: The Rose Tint

May 10th, I posted a video from David Dallas titled "Life Is...". Little did I know that this would be on his most recent release the very next day. "The Rose Tint" is nothing short of great stuff. I say that with no caution at all because though I haven't heard everything just yet, I'm simply confident that it is. What I have listened to, "Caught In A Daze", "Life Is...", "Start Looking Round" and "Til Tomorrow" have me thoroughly convinced that this dude is not playing around. Produced by New Zealanders' P-Money (Peter Wandams), 41 and Fire & Ice, the beats are "Something Awesome", no pun intended. From what I can tell, the content stems from the determination to solidify himself, to speak about himself (not all high and mighty), his family and everyday life. From what I know this album was released free of cost, and as of now it still is. Should that change anytime soon, it would be worth every cent.

Start Looking Round (prod. Dan “Exile” Mawby)
Say No More (prod. Fire & Ice)
Take a Picture (prod. Fire & Ice)
Caught in a Daze feat. Freddie Gibbs (prod. Fire & Ice)
Nothing to Do (With You) feat. Pieter T (prod. Fire & Ice)
Life Is… (Interlude) (prod. Fire & Ice)
Til Tomorrow (prod. Fire & Ice)
Ain’t Perfect f. Jordache (prod. Fire & Ice)
Sideline f. Che Fu (prod. by Fire & Ice)
Dream (prod. Nick “41” Maclaren)
Postcard (prod. Fire & Ice)
Make Up for It feat. PNC (prod. P-Money)
[Bonus] Ain’t Coming Down feat. Buckshot (prod. Fire & Ice)

A track I've taken a liking to as of late...

David Dallas Offcial Site: http://www.daviddallas.co.nz/News/
Current download link for album: http://www.daviddallas.co.nz/  (from there just click download, should take you to media fire)

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