October 20, 2011

When It Comes To Music

I feel like I've mentioned countless times on here and when I have discussions with others that when it comes to music and songs, content will eventually repeat itself. Doesn't matter the artist(s), the subject matter goes around in this constant cycle, which doesn't surprise me or upset me in the least. The main aspect that I feel has to remain refreshing is the take and the way he or she decides to present it. I can sit here right now and make a song about love and relationships but, if it sounds like a rip off of "Me, Myself and I" from Beyonce, 9 times out of 10 you wouldn't want to hear it and I wouldn't blame you at all. 

So I guess the main point that I'm trying to get at with this little rant is that I want the presentation to stay original and to remain sincere.

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