July 04, 2011

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is a series my mom put me on very early. Along with shows such as Alfred Hitchcock and The Outer Limits, the Zone is undoubtedly among my favorites. I prefer the 1959-64' run hosted by Rod Serling. The intro changed a few times over the years but, that music remained at the top. I love everything about The Twilight Zone. Every episode holds a theme, a main point that's driven home each time. 

Take one of my favorite episodes "A Most Unusual Camera". Some small thieves steal a camera, amongst many other things, that can take pictures predicting the image3-5 minutes into the future.After the brother of one of them enters the picture, they soon figure they can make money with it and eventually earn a few hundred thousand if not millions from the huge stacks on the table. Any who, from a undesirable source, they find out the camera has only 2 photos left...I'll leave it at that for anyone who hasn't see this one yet. 

What's most interesting about this episode is how everyone involved reacts to the pictures taken. I take it to mean that the camera was only showing events that were going to happen regardless. The impression that the foresight of the camera had truly caused them to further carry out these happenings and really showcased the greed among them. 
"A hotel suite that in this instance serves as a den of crime, the aftermath of a rather minor event to be noted on a police blotter, an insurance claim, perhaps a three-inch box on page twelve of the evening paper. Small addenda to be added to the list of the loot: a camera, a most unimposing addition to the flotsam and jetsam that it came with, hardly worth mentioning really, because cameras are cameras, some expensive, some purchasable at five-and-dime stores. But this camera, this one's unusual, because in just a moment we'll watch it inject itself into the destinies of three people. It happens to be a fact that the pictures that it takes can only be developed in the Twilight Zone."

 The Twilight Zone

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