September 13, 2010

Music Is...Mike Posner

My first glance of this guy was roughly a month ago. I was flicking through the channels and I caught him at the end of his performance on the Regis and Kelly show around 11am or 12pm that day. Considering the fact that my outlook on music changed around mid 2007, as far as what I felt was relevant and what simply wasn't hittin, I decided to immediately look him up on the PC. I listened to some tracks on his album "Mike Posner: 31 Minutes To Takeoff" and I have to say he's refreshing. One particular song I keep on repeat is 'Delta 1406'. I love this one. Mr. Posner talks about his takeoff in the music industry and how maybe his departure from possible mediocrities was too fast and too far. A verse says, "Maybe I flew too far, shooting stars leave no mark." He also expresses the fatigue he feels as a result of the traveling and promotion.

He has many mix-tape hits that I like too. From the mix-tape "One Foot Out The Door" (which by the way, the cover art looks like a mixture between Kany West's Graduation and Salvador Dali's The Persistence Of Memory). I like 'Kiss Me Through The Phone', 'I Don't Trust Myself', 'Red Button', and 'One Foot Out The Door'.

Take a listen.

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