September 17, 2010

Music Is...The Song And Visual - I Cant Have One Without The Other

For me there are certain music videos where the music and the video perfectly complement each other. I'm sure there are those of you have your favorites and feel just as I do. With me, the song is typically the first insight I have. I'll to take you on an expedition through the ABC's of a few of my inseparables from Ms. Jackson to show you what makes them my favorites.

 "Alright" is one of those songs that, for me, gets stronger as the years go by. I love the beat, and I highly doubt that I'll ever take this one off repeat. I don't remember exactly when I heard this song but I know it was quite a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with it. There where certain sections that I anticipated.....Then I watched the video for the first time and that unquestionably sealed the deal for me. The whole nature of it attracted me. The atmosphere, her black and white pinstriped Zoot Suit, the choreography, the Nicholas Brothers, Cab Calloway. All of these components create a nostalgia that makes me want to experience that time period.
 There are a million and one things that I could say about this joint right here, but I'll try to keep it at one million. This is a strong case in point. The whole project trumpets a firm militant core that can't be denied. The choreography is so tight and contains so much precision with the crisp movements that it makes me wanna drop down and give'em 50. Janet and her dancers was jammin in this one. With "The Pledge" as the interlude and introduction for the album and video, along with what is delivered in this fine tune package creates for me the pièce de résistance. 

I don't necessarily have a single favorite music video of hers, however If is definitely one I watch often. The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words, well I'll let you type If into the video  player above and watch those words in action.
Just click the upward arrow in the bottom right corner.

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