September 23, 2010

Music Is...Video Games And Theme Music

This post is along the lines of where I spoke about a few music videos that I like. Well to follow suit, these video games are those where it'd just be wacky to have any other theme music except the original, that's for the entire game including intros, endings, and stages. I just couldn't imagine anything else. I was born in 1990, so I don't remember everything but I know a lot. My cousins had these games before me so I had the opportunity to play many of them, and often. We played Sonic The Hedgehog more-often than anything else as far as I can remember, but eventually I got into a little bit of everything. Listed are theme songs from only three select games that I know many of you remember. Ahhhhh, memories. 

(not every song is here, but these are the most memorable for me)

I think you can play with Knuckles

The game speaks for itself
 I remember for the life of
me I couldn't get Guile's 
Sonic Boom down pat until
much later

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