January 21, 2011

Music Is...Bruno Mars: Doo - Wops & Hooligans

For starters, I can't quite make out what the shadow is because it looks nothing like him. Secondly, I like the album cover. I'm an artsy type of person and very prone to interpret anything. It looks like he's strolling on the rockets trail of smoke, a trail to outer-space or "Mars", where he's hopefully headed.

My first glimpse of his talent was at my cousins house roughly two years ago. He found the song 'Nothin On You' somewhere on the internet and wouldn't settle down until I heard it. Well I did and I liked it very much. I don't like to compare artists very often but his vocal style reminds me of Jason Mraz, laid back in a way. Hey, that's just me. Onto the record. I listened to all the samples and essentially, I like them all. I'm the type that doesn't necessarily dislike a song, it just may not suit me. I like this however. One thing I appreciate is that it doesn't sound like a stock studio recording. You know what I mean. Everything, all the sound being generated solely from computer, something I don't like depending on how it's done. On the contrary, Mr. Mars plays the majority of the instruments himself. In relation to that, I was watching MTV one day and they featured a short background on him. His whole family from what I recall is into music full on, I like that. Back to the beats, most of them are live instrumentation something I've doted on before. The content is nothing I haven't heard before although I like his approach. A particular track that's already become my favorite is 'Talking To The Moon', mainly a piano number. Another I've taken a liking to is 'Liquor Store Blues', a reggae sound featuring Damian Marley.  

I decided to stray from mentioning the singles because I try not to base my opinion of someones work on the few things that I've heard, though I may like those snippets. All in all, the I can't place the genre of the album into a particular bracket. I can mention that Bruno Mars is a talented man, a statement I have no hesitance in making. 

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