January 12, 2011

Music Is...RJD2 2002 - 2008 LP's

Listed below are Ramble Krohn's full length LP's. It's obvious I've taken a liking to him lately. Each beat is just something you could easily flow over. Some songs are featured as instrumentals on the album thereafter. Each track is simply a smooth sound he's maintained since he started.

Deadringer - 2002 
The Horror
Smoke and Mirrors
Good Times Roll Pt.2
Final Frontier - featuring Blueprint
Ghostwriter - samples Betty Wright "Secretary"
Cut Out to FL
F.H.H. - featuring Jakki da Motamouth
Shot in the Dark
Chicken-Bone Circuit
The Proxy
2 More Dead
Take the Picture Off
Silver Fox
June - featuring Copywrite

Work - Includes bonus track "Here's What's Left"

The Horror - 2003


   The Horror

    Ghostwriter Remix
    Final Frontier Remix
    Bus Stop Bitties
    Good Times Roll Pt. 1
    Sell the World
    June Remix
    Counseling" (Instrumental)
    Final Frontier" (Instrumental)
    F.H.H. (Instrumental)


 Since We Last Spoke - 2004

 Since We Last Spoke

 Exotic Talk
 Ring Finger
 Making Days Longer
 Someone's Second Kiss
 To All of You
 Clean Living
 Iced Lightning
 Through the Walls
 One Day

 The CD also contains the bonus tracks De L'alouette and Holy Toledo.

The Third Hand - 2007


You Never Had It So Good
Have Mercy
Work It Out
Laws of the Gods
Get It
The Bad Penny
Beyond the Beyond
Sweet Piece
Rules for Normal Living
Paper Bubbles
Just When
The Evening Gospel

Live At Webster Hall 2007
 Couldn't find anything for this one. However, as it's called the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, has been a reoccurring musical event ever since 1994 then called the World party. Though that turnout wasn't very successful it did root the idea of recognizing electronic music in Detroit. The next event wasn't until 2000 and has since then become a very essential component in unveiling young talent, especially in techno.

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