January 18, 2011

Music Is...Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya Cover

Album cover for single 'Hey Ya!' released September 9, 2003

Outkast's album "Speakerboxx/The Love Below" was released September 23, 2003. 

Now just about everybody remembers the that single. I can recall being in middle-school, and constantly making that beat on the table in 4th or 5th period. Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing that. Then the music video itself had me glued to the television. Watching and wondering how on earth they got the same exact man, Andre 3000, in the same shot, multiple times. Then, I didn't get it, of course now I do. So that leads me to this cover by a man named Obadiah Parker.

A friend of mine at work turned me onto this. All it is, is him on acoustic guitar, solo, a camera and his microphone. It doesn't get much more raw than that. He follows the melody throughout the whole session. The only part I think he excludes is where Possum Jenkins gets on the mic and says, "Now all Beyonce's and Lucy Liu's and baby dolls, get on the floor.". He nails this anyhow.

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