January 04, 2011

Music Is...Rob Welsh - Free Your Mind

Emmediatly upon seeing that title, I thought of En Vogues "Free Your Mind" yea, I did.

Anyway, I knew I'd get to post another skateboarding video and I'm glad I did. Again, I feel a direct parallel between the music and the skating. Tunes aside, I just admire his skill. I wish I could skate like that. 

"Free Your Mind" is the name of the skate video he and two other skaters Dan Drbhoel and Darrell Stanton star in. So I noticed, before the beat drops, he mentions what I assume are some skate spots that he misses (do correct me if I'm wrong), he mentions: Black Rock, Union, Brown Marble, and Embarco. He also says that the majority of the ledges are knobed, or have these 90° angle wedge-like pieces placed along the edge. They're in downtown San Francisco I believe. Rob Welsh is an unfamiliar name for me, it's not like I know very many to begin with, however I know a good bit. Just for info sake, heres an cool interview I stumbled on just hunting up some info about him: "48 Rob Welsh", hope you find it interesting. 

His sponsors are Expedition-One, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, Lakai, FT. Hometown is San Fransisco CA, stance is goofy (so is mine) and he's Pro status. From what I've been able to find, he's been skating for a good while. Once again based on what I could find, though he's sponsored by Lakai I don't think he was featured in the skate film also develped by Transworld: "Fully Flared" 2007. The movie pretty much showcases their skill and what street skating "Is".  

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