November 03, 2010

Music Is...Dawen - I Found Him On YouTube

First let me say that I'm always for up and coming artists in the music industry and in my estimation this guy has what it takes.

So, I was on YouTube a few months ago and I was looking up music covers for random songs. I didn't get too deep into my search when I stumbled upon Dawen's line of videos. One that caught my ear specifically was his cover of Usher - There Goes My Baby. I highly enjoyed it. He played guitar on this one, which made it all the better for me. A little past midway on the cover, he switches to En Vogue's 'Whats It Gonna Be'. I like that its a smooth transition rather than being rocky. The vocals aren't overdone or too loud. 

He released an album recently titled American Me. On "Wake Up" just about everybody can relate to the subject matter. He talks about the typical stereotypes people have against him and that his looks don't determine everything. I haven't heard every song, but one in particular called "Just You" sounds really nice, very much worth the listen. 
Here's a link to his site so you can listen for yourself -

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