November 30, 2010

Music Is... Robin Thicke: Something Else

Yes, music is truly that indeed. "Something Else" is the third studio album from Robin Thicke. Now, just for background purposes, and for anyone who's not up to speed, Mr.Thicke has produced for some big names in the music biz such as Jennifer Hudson, Usher, and Whitney Houston, putting his footprint on some nice hits. Robin also has two prior releases, "A Beautiful World"(2003, originally titled Cherry Blue Skies) and "The Evolution of Robin Thicke"(2006). I've mentioned before that I don't care too much for chart positions, or album sales. Not that those aren't notable accomplishments, it's just that I feel a number can't fully detail the feel and impact of an album. I have also made mention that it's a rarity when I come across material that I like in it's entirety. I love every song on this CD. Some of the tracks are more uptempo, then others are very melodic and dialed down, just something to help you relax, alter your mood. Often I've wondered if the track-listing was placed in a specific order or if it was a random pick but regardless of the order, every one of these songs has something to offer to the musical pallet. Since I could harp on this forever I'll only choose a few to speak on. 

"Cry No More", a gorgeous song. Lately I've been trying not to look at the lyrics of songs and putting more effort into listening and figuring out things for myself. As with any song, this one can be interpreted a few different ways. However, listening numerous times I've come to my own conclusion. I feel it's about a man who has seen and been through many highs and lows in his life. Probably my favorite part of the lyrics are:
"And I am a hero, but I'm not made of steel And I'm not the smartest man, but I know the deal And I'll bleed for your lips, if you bleed for mine And I can't escape it, cause I do love you"
 So nonetheless, he realizes that despite his faults, his imperfections and his being made a fool of, he loves her and he'll no longer cry over the past because she accepts him and wants all of him. To me, the mesh between what is being said and the melody pair really well. The sound doesn't overshadow his voice nor is he too subtle in his delivery. Overall, this is definitely one to listen to.

Next I pick "Dreamworld". I chose this because it just sounds good and it projects a message that hopefully anyone would accept and respect. It reminds me of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" not so much regarding subject matter, but in terms of the "color" and instrumentation. The sound of this track really gives the impression that he was inspired by some old-school, the sound of the 60's to be more exact. What the songs speaks on is not necessarily a "perfect" world, but just being able to do certain things and live his life without racial criticism or being looked down upon. I say racial criticism because if you didn't know his wife is known actress Paula Patton and as the words go:  
"...There would be no black or white the world would jut treat my wife rightWe could walk down Mississippi no one would look at us twice..."
I think anyone would want to live and go about day to day without being talked down to or messed with. It only makes since to me.

Something Else doesn't offer new subject matter, which I don't mind because those sort of things go in rotation, I mean eventually they will repeat in some form or another. The album as a whole relinquished itself from what I feel was an ongoing monotony and uniformity of sound in 08'. Don't take that literally, not everything sounded the same. There were a few highlights, but the majority of other mainstream music coincided with each other. However this one continues to offer a sound and vibe past 2008 that I hadn't heard too often prior to its release and that's what gravitated me and still does. Typically so many songs are synthesized and computerized that it will begin to sound robotic in opposition to being human. Musically this record consist mainly of live instrumentation. It's got piano, violin, guitar, bass, different percussion, maracas, congas, bongos, cow bell, tom-tom, different drum kits and many other instruments. Makes it feel present instead of sounding so boxy. On every track Robin gives you a very smooth progression with his voice and the beat, synchronization and a job well done.

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