November 03, 2010

Music Is...In Living Color

This is truly a blast from the past for me. In Living Color first aired April 1990. I had yet been born. Well, all that aside, I'm glad I was introduced to this crazy comedy show. I have to credit that introduction to my mom and good ol' VHS tapes. She recorded some bloopers and some full skits with different members of the cast. I love this show. I mean, there are tons of aspects that make it so memorable. The comedy (duh), the different skits and imitations, the characters, tons of parody's, the sets........(breathe). Need I say more? I could but I'll try not to drag on too long. Speaking of the skits, one of my favorites has to be Jamie Foxx playing Wanda. That gold, tight curly wig. The lipstick, bright dresses, and that phrase, "I am ret to go". Hahaha, what is 'ret'? I know it's ready but still. The way he could twist his lips up when he/she, it would talk, Jamie Foxx portrayed her to a tee.

I'm all bout my music though, and that's the main facet that jogs my memory the most. There's just something about the sound of the 90's that has that "it" factor. Seasons 3 and 4 have the same intro they just introduced a few new comedians and actors to the scene. All and all I love everything about the show but that intro gets me every time.

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