November 19, 2010

Music Is...Carly Simon

Get it - I chose the CD format but, of course you do you :)

Ok, I chose Carly Simon for the main fact that I love her single "You're So Vain". 

I'm gonna get southern here and say that Carly did her thang' on this one. As you can see, this song is featured on her album No Secrets. Not trying to sound like a school teacher, but vain means lacking in value or irreverent. In this case, you could also add egotistical. I love the arrangement for the intro. I think it's a synthesizer that creates that bubbly, gurgling sound. The first words she says are, "Son of a gun", and then as the beat drops the lyrics go, "You walked into the party, like you were walking onto a yacht. Your hat strategically dipped below one eye your scarf it was apricot. You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte...". I find the intro and those lyrics are a match made in heaven because to me it symbolizes this man having such an underlying yet flashy arrogance that he just can't hide it as it bubbles forth. That line "I had some dreams there were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee and..." has been decoded and left to many an interpretation. I take it to mean that something obstructed her "view" in terms of where she was in her life, but who knows. 

Janet Jackson also sampled from this in her single "Son Of A Gun" off her album All For You. As with Carly, there was much speculation as to whom she was speaking of, who knows. There's a lot of symbolism and metaphors in this song. Only Carly Simon knew who she was and wasn't talking about. This song is kind of an anthem for some women, something they can relate to. Regardless of the target this song will always get an A+ from me. 

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