December 17, 2010

Music Is...Adele 19

I've wanted to review "19" for about the past week and a half now although I've know about the record ever since its US release in 2008. I love this record. I love her voice. Adele has a very soulful RnB vibe but I fell it shouldn't be restricted to just that definition. Music is music, I guess it's all in the way the listener wants to interpret it. If I have my facts straight, Adele became known to the masses around the time of James Blunt, Duffy, Estele and a few other British/London artists from across the pond.

Her first single, "Chasing Pavements" was very refreshing for me. I just like the mellow vibe that it carries. The song basically discusses the continuous search and development for real love knowing that it may never happen, then asking whats the purpose. Two other songs I like are "Daydreamer" and "Hometown Glory". Like pretty much the entire album these two tracks are live instrumentation recordings, Daydreamer being solely guitar and Hometown Glory is a piano number. Another aspect of her singing I enjoy is the fluidity of her ups and downs in her voice. She is very consistent in her dilivery and as far as I'm concerned doesn't disappoint. 

I say, that anyone who is into very chill music should definitely check this out. 

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