December 09, 2010

Music Is...Daft Punk - Derezzed from TRON: Legacy

Yea, I'm talking about Daft Punk again. Let me first say that I had heard of these guys for quite a while before I decided to listen to their material. I saw their names at the end of a lot of different remixes and I'd also heard bits and peices of certain things but I never gave in. I liked what I heard for sure, I just didn't dive into it. Well now I'm plunging head first and I must say I enjoy it very much. 

I'm sure you all have heard as well as viewed the trailer for the recent Disney film release of TRON: Legacy. I like what I see. I've always liked Disney movies in general. Hey, say what you want but Dumbo always gets to me. Anyway, TRON is a science fiction based film that combines technical and complex landscapes with superb clarity to provide some of the best visuals I've ever seen. Then to amp it up, they bring in Daft Punk to be featured on the soundtrack. Being that these guys are primarily techno, electronic and synthesized when it comes to their music, "Derezzed" is the perfect complement to the film. The different sounds and various tones of the beat directly parallel the movie to a tee. A perfect compliment. 

The video and movie are eye candy, truly a visual treat for anyone. Just in case you don't notice, after they get a wide shot of the Flynn's Arcade neon sign, they show two people walking in. They're wearing Adidas, and of coarse I'd see that :) 

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