December 13, 2010

Music Is...Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson

Scream has to undoubtedly go down as one of the most iconic music videos of our time. Let me also say that I have loved this this piece of work since the first time I saw it, which for me was about 9 or 10 years ago. I don't care to dive into extreme detail regarding the primary influence and/or basis of this project. Anyone who payed attention and remained aware knows what lit the flames, negative media attention, controversy etc, so I need not go there. However the culmination of events, pent up feelings, anger, and the need for both these artists to express what was on their minds ultimately resulted in an explosive performance from this brother sister duet that will not soon be forgotten.

The choreography imparts a crucial dimension to the theme. I've feel that the movement has to not only interpret the beat but the lyrics just the same. Every single grunt, clash, spin and captured gesture contributed more and more value and substance. For example, the slow motion clip of Michael slamming that black electric guitar and Janet punching and slashing at the camera. Then towards the end you have them dancing side by side, really demonstrating their unity and saying, "I gotcha back". Funny, it was because of this video that I was determined to jump form my knees to my feet, I still can. Both of them are wearing all black for the majority of the video. I love the setting and environment. So much symbolism. The black and white intensifies everything. Here they are, in this big white spaceship somewhere out in space, becoming alien to earth in a way. Inside are long halls, multiple windows, some panels that say "STRESS CAP" and gigantic screens. The glass on the capsules they're in exploding kinda represents the zenith of frustration for them. The interaction they have with each-other is the best though.
Everything is morphing and transforming into something else. At about 2:45-2:46, this funky symbol transforms into the word: OBSERVATION and there's this one-way mirror type deal where it's like they're conducting experiments on one another. A notible part in this video is the lyrics just before they dance. The news reporter on the screen , is saying something very notable. They go:
Oh my God, can't believe what I saw as I turned on the TV this evening I was disgusted by all the injustice, all the injustice

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