December 05, 2010

Music Is...Control: The Pleasure Principle

I know I probably have her listed more that any other artist right now but I don't care. I love this video. I love that it's just her doin her thing, expressing herself solo. So I figured I gotta break this one down, tell ya why its my highest regarded among many.

Control (1986)
 "Pleasure Principle" was one of the big singles spawned from Control, one of the most significant breakthrough albums to date. The record as a whole solidified, vigorously established and authenticated her identity with herself and among her peers, musically and otherwise. Each song boldly and yet rhythmically makes a strong statement. The record title sums up everything in one word. Looks like a purple exclamation point on the cover, her posture isn't wild though, kind of a calm assertiveness. 

 The video.

To begin with, she's wearing Adidas, and that always gets a plus with me. The choreography was great, nothing felt uptight. Well, I don't know if ALL of it was choreographed per-say, you could argue that she free-styled much of it. Anyway, she lands that chair move nicely, and I'm sure that took many tries. I like when she's jammin' between the line of throwback automobiles. That's not really a big deal, I just think it looks cool and at 2:47, I like the way she walks off the screen. Probably, the simplest part of the video,and more than any reason why I like it so much, is where she walks up the stairs of the warehouse building during the bridge of the song. I don't know. Something about the way the lighting is at that moment. All the bold shadows and the way the light streams between some of the cracks and different objects, it creates a natural visual effect for the camera. The video as a whole continuously goes uphill for me. I don't think there are any slow, stagnant points to it.

Simply put, I love all of it.

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