December 18, 2010

Music Is...Always

Music has a certain way of being very uplifting. It can be multiple reasons as to why this is so. It could be the content, the way you feel when you hear it, the beat or a combination of all the above. I love that music is that way.

Music is the song you'll never forget, the video you love. There are certain songs that you love where you can't wait for a certain part to come up, whether it's the bridge, chorus, a certain verse, the intro, the ending, or if your anything like me its the whole song. Lately I've been seeing a lot of commercials, listening to the radio a bit, and just humming some random melodies. My mom will ask me,"Is there anything you don't like?", and my usual response is "Not really." It's true. Seems like no matter what I hear, I gravitate to it. Now of course I have my preferences, but I'm open to many different things. Now I will admit, there are some genres that I've only listened to on infomercials or standard commercials: Bluegrass, doo wop, hard rock, heavy metal and others I'm sure.

I guess what solely matters to me is the fact that there are seemingly limitless combination's of beats and melodies. The progression of one note to the next, tempos, guitar solos, the pattern and all that. Many times I've wondered what life would be like without music. Very mundane and boring I would imagine.

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