May 04, 2011

Music Is... Daughtry (Self titled)

Besides those who were and are closest to him, besides those who knew of him and the band before they garnered huge success, most of us recognize him as an American Idol contestant. I wonder if I'm the only one noticing a strange pattern. It seems like those competitors who truly have "it" eliminated earlier in the competition, are in the limelight a little more than some season winners. I don't know, just something I noticed. Chris, as well as the band members had been musically inclined for quite sometime before the competition.  Focusing on this album, released November 21, 2006, "Daughtry" is a very impressive debut. As a matter of fact, the first time I listened to it, I almost forgot that this was the first record. The members consist of Chris Daughtry, Josh Paul, Josh Steely, Brian Craddock, and Robin Diaz; an excellent collection of five men who create solid music.

Every track contains an essential, hard hitting rock core that enables them to bring it home. I love track 1, the first single "It's Not Over". A sort of dreary yet optimistic song about recognizing the wrongdoing, reflecting on that and then trying to get things right. "Home",a very heartwarming track that I think any of us could connect with. The title is very self explanatory. For many people, home is where we can always run back to when things seem to be more than we can handle at the time. Two other well known hits are "Feels Like Tonight" and "What About Now". Both offer their take on the possibility of rekindling love between each other, even after things were said that weren't meant to be. Track 7, "What I Want", featuring amazing guitarist Slash, is a stone hitter and a little underrated in a way. This one gets a little grittier than the others as far as pure rock but that's what makes it awesome. A silent anthem to me.

This album contains songs with many different moods and feelings. Some show a more aggressive side, others reveal someone more vulnerable. Regardless of which side is unshielded, it derives from a very truthful place that would draw anyone in and keep them engaged. 

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