May 06, 2011

Question: Does music really age?

We've all heard the terms "new school" and "old school", but what do they truly mean? I've had plenty of people tell me that some of my music of choice is old. They'll say that what I'm listening to is from 20 or 30 some years ago. I think "...And, your point is?" But what I'm really contemplating is what do you mean by "old"? That's why I posed the question as to weather or not music can age.

This is my viewpoint. I don't think that music of anytime, any period of any kind ages per se. However, I know that the equipment used to produce the sound, and the physical technology at the time will get old. In turn, the music, the sound itself gains more quality and substance over the years. So in essence, what I think what's meant by "old school", or any term referring to the timeline of the piece in question, is the period by which a style was initiated. Follow me?

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