May 10, 2011

My Parallels 2: A Connection Between Poignant Art

In a blog that I joined recently, I read a very
interesting and thought provoking entry titled Parallels: Lupe Fiasco x Glenn Ligon by SeanTheRobot. The main idea is that individual artists, in the same train of thought expressing similar bare-bone truths through various forms, will eventually mirror each other in some fashion. It's the coolest me. There have been only a handful of times were I've actually sat quietly and pondered about it. Only after reading this particular post did I really decided to reflect deeper and give you the culmination of my thoughts.

I think about drawn, painted, spray painted, stenciled, sculptured, murals, songs, poems; any artistic media. When I think about these things, I always come to one certain conclusion. That conclusion is that the content and basis of the art is derived from one of a few things: The past, what could have been, what is, the future, what you want to be, a fictional story, or some far out seemingly unreasonable nonsense thought. Devour that for a minute. Don't worry, I'll wait. Done? I'm not and I never will be. When it comes to the foundation of the ideas for creating that piece, whatever it may be, it has to come from a logical source even if it may seem illogical. The picture above is featured in Whitney Museum as a part of visual artists Glenn Ligon's showpieces. My thoughts after letting the picture marinate for some time are that while the idea of us all living as a unified, equal nation has been branded in our minds, there's still a backwards asymmetrical unidentifiable side to the whole thing.

I feel that in one way or another, at one point or the next, real will cross real. These artists creating "full flavored", honest, "give it to me straight", universal content works intertwine with each other.

To reiterate my point I chose an excerpt from a friend of the writer, Janine Simon, who worded it nicely. She said," becomes clear how arduous a task it is to shine a light on the injustices of the human experience. And although speaking true and walking straight may seem like a solitary act, when people take the right steps their paths will always cross with other like-minded individuals...My friend handed me his iPod, “Here is a new track. I’m really working more on my storytelling skills…” I nodded and plugged the headphones into my ears and thought well shit, if you speaking the truth I am sure that I can rock to it."

Parallels: Lupe Fiasco x Glenn Ligon

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