February 03, 2011

Music Is... James Blake - Limit To Your Love

There isn't much I know about this 22 year old guy except I like what I've heard thus far. His self titled album is due to drop February 7th if I'm correct, and I haven't been able to find any samples from his track listing. That lists includes:

The Wilhelm Scream
I Never Learnt To Share  
Lindisfarne I
Lindisfarne II
Limit To Your Love
Give Me My Month
To Care (Like You)
Why Don't You Call Me?
I Mind

However, the single 'Limit To Your Love' gives me a strong outlook towards his career. He is taking a huge step in the British based musical movement of dubstep, which consists of staggering bass and opaque vocals. This track starts off with a soulful piano intro. Then at roughly 1 minute, it dives into a vibrating bass you can feel in your feet, back to piano momentarily then back to that super low, pulsating pitch. What I believe to be a key contributor to this rich sound is the lack of "colorful" instrumentation or sounds. The contrast between his voice and the depth of the beat creates for me a unique asymmetric sound that truly works. Not only that, but the man can sing and that's probably what I'm pulled toward more than anything.

"Here's looking at you, kid"

James Blake

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