February 24, 2011

Music Is... My Zune HD

There is no better feeling than being able to take my music with me. There is no better feeling than knowing if I have to wait in an auto shop for my moms car to get fixed, instead of watching the same channel for 20 some minutes, I can pull out the Zune and chill. There is no better feeling than knowing that no matter where I am, I can pull my ear-buds and the Zune and zone out....Well, I suppose there are better feelings, but when it comes to my tunage, nothing can compare.

I have wanted one of these since they first debut around 2006 or so. At the time I wasn't too tech savvy so I didn't know what was better, worse or in-between. All I knew was I wanted an mp3 player that sounded nice and looked good. The first glimpse I had of the Zune series was of these 3 models right here, more often I saw the red one. For some reason or another, I don't think the concept of watching videos on a player like these or the iPod had really sunken in just yet. Therefore, when I learned that you could achieve this magnificent feat *smiles*, I wanted one even more. Now as I mentioned earlier, at that point, technology wasn't necissarily my strong point. I wasn't completely out of the loop though. As I said, I knew of the iPod, I was also aware of Sony, Phillips, Sansa and others. When I first entered high-school, just about everybody had an iPod. Sounds goofy I know, but that made me feel like I was behind in a way. However as time went on I could have cared less. What began to matter most is everyone else has something to listen to during lunch, in art class (MY FAVORITE), or when tests where finished and I didn't. Well, eventually in late 07' my mom purchased for me a Phillips GoGear.
It's a cylindrical shape. Small rectangular screen. Mic. It's somewhere in the house and I have to find it. I love that thing. Moving ahead, when I graduated in 08' one of my presents was an iPod nano. There wasn't a place I went that it didn't follow. Its metallic purple with all the core features we've come to know. Next, I purchased a Sony Walkman. Mmhmm, that one right there. First one in my possession with audio and video capabilities. I put it through quite a bit but it plays the same and isn't as scratched up as I thought it would be. I can't leave out that my mom got me two portable CD players too. Two brands that I don't even remember but I still have. I'll have to dig them up one day.

Yea I can say that I've been through a bit of players and headphones/ear-buds. Needless to say I'll be using this one for quite a while. Its sleek, thin, very light weight to my surprise and has a very clear LCD screen. I haven't plugged into the wireless features. I don't have any apps or internet. My main thing is the music. It holds 16 GB which is good enough for me. I know there are those that hold 32, 64, 120 GB and probably higher but I'm not too sure. It has the touch screen feature, very easy navigation, wonderful sound quality and sizable, clear font. I'm not here to make comparisons or put one on top of the other. You make that decision for yourself.

Something about buying an item or items for yourself makes it that much more personal. This is my Zune HD, and I love it.

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