February 07, 2011

Music Is... Monica - If You Were My Man

As of the past roughly three years, I have become an 80's music nut. Something about that sound attracts me to the fullest extent. That leads me to this song. From her 2010 album "Still Standing", I was listening to it yesterday morning getting ready for work and my mom told me to turn it up a bit so I did. Having the musical knowledge that she does, she told me that the song was a remake/sample of Evelyn "Champagne" King's 1982' record 'Betctha She Don't Love You'. I told her she always knows something (laughs) and she does. Getting back, the track was initially titled 'Betcha' from the sample but was then changed to 'If You Were My Man'. I looked up the responses that critics gave and they were generally mixed. In short some doted on it, some didn't, I don't have to go into detail on that. Personally I love it. This song is completely suited up in the style of the 80's. It's got heavy bass, synthesizers used nicely and overall rich sound. Monica's voice bounces along smoothly with the beat creating a pleasing parallel. Missy Elliot adds some colorful commentary to this piece, livening it more than it already was.Of course the lyrics are different but her version sticks to the same blueprint for the most part.

Tight track, hopefully you'll give it a try if you haven't already.

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