February 09, 2011

Music Is... Jamie Scott & The Town: Park Bench Theories

I love hearing new music, learning about current or pasts artists/musicians and albums. Prior to today, I have never heard of this guy. I don't much info regarding him other than what I've read on his site so I'll tell you as much as I can, infusing my opinions also. As you can see from the album title his name is Jamie Scott and he was born in the UK. In reading his bio, something I find interesting but not too uncommon is that his musical roots weren't solely based upon his homeland.
 "At school, mates would be talking about bands like Bon Jovi and I didn't have a clue who they were talking about as I didn't start listen to pop radio till I was 15."
 His mother provided him an early  introduction to talented artists such as James Taylor, Carole King, and Cat Stevens. His father subjected to him soulful music, that of The Flamingos, Donnie Hathaway,Wilson Pickett and those of the like. From my standpoint, with a musical upbringing like that you can't possibly go wrong. While in college, he formed a couplet with a friend and played live shows in London. From then on he wrote his own music and played records. His career started by his pursuit of writing music for others to sing. After sending his demo tapes to publishers, Sony Music caught wind of him and he signed a contract in 2002. Soon after he teamed with former Jamiroquai keyboardist Toby Smith to work on his full length album which was then titled "Soul Searching". Early 05' was the release date but Sony merging with BMG prolonged production. He is currently signed to UK label Polydor Records. I can't find any samples of that unreleased work but judging from this album I'll let you draw your own conclusions.  As of 2008 till now, he has been working with UK producer TommyD creating work that became Graffiti6.

"Park Bench Theories" is very easily listening. Jamie has a contemporary, smooth, melodic tone that makes for instant relaxation. He has the sound of a current James T., playing acoustic guitar on the majority of the tracks with piano, drums, bass guitar or other instruments as the main accompaniment. The two longest songs on the album are 'Shadows'(5:28) and 'Weeping Willow'(5:21). I look forward to songs that stretch a little longer than the standard 3:30-4 minute range because at times it means there's an instrumental section, and I love that. I haven't heard any of these tracks on mainstream radio though I believe if they were, it would be a pleasant insert to whats on today. Not a dis by any means, I just like variety. A's across the board for this one and hopefully more to come.

Track listing:
1. Runaway Train
2. When Will I See Your Face Again
3. London Town
4. Changes
5. Shadows
6. Standing In The Rain
7. Love Song To Remember
8. Weeping Willow
9. Two Men
10. Rise Up
11. Hey You
12. Lady West

Link to his official site HERE (for copy and paste: http://www.jamiescottandthetown.com/)

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