February 05, 2011

Music Is... Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone magazine is one of the single most infamous mediums of our time, addressing many aspects of the world ranging from movies/acting, to pop culture, to music, to politics. My favorite subject, though, is obviously the music and musicians. From the late 1960's, throughout the many decades of the life of this magazine, one of the various mainstays that has been an essential ingredient to it's popularity has been the cover alone. Obviously the first thing you see when you pick it up is the outside. The bold print, bright colors, contrasting tones, and especially the face or faces, that's what will attract you initially. Though the appearance of the Rolling Stone trademark itself has changed a few times through the years, we've all come to recognize the thick lettering, retro/calligraphy type print and that the words themselves have never changed. It's solidified itself as a reflector of whats going on.

There are 100's if not a few thousand of different covers that have made their way from magazine-stands, to the scanner, to your hands. As I said earlier my favorite covers are those of musicians. Whether it reflects what's happening currently with that artist, or in times pasts, what I appreciate most is that the Rolling Stone has always allowed the front page to do just about all the talking. Hear are a few of my picks that just carry a real nostalgia with them.

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