February 10, 2011

Music Is... What's New To You

It's amazing to me how things travel. Different information distributed by various forms of media/mediums: Newspaper, magazine, radio, television, e-mail, internet, and snail-mail. By the time something reaches you, it could be days, weeks, months or possibly even years old. You decide to discuss, what's new information to you, and the person you're talking to mentions that he/she heard of it a while ago. Music undoubtedly falls in this category. I think about bands like The Beatles, who initially achieved mainstream UK success for 2-3 years before truly "crossing the pond". Rod Stewart also reached his first taste of success in the United Kingdom as part of the band The Faces. Further down the road, Girl's Tyme, (later to be Destiny's Child) consisting of Beyoncé Knowles, LaTivia Roberson, Kelly Rowland, Tamar Davis, Nikki and Nina Davis were already well known in Houston, Texas before branching out across the states. 

What I'm getting at basically, is that there are plenty of artists recently and of the past who had already gained popularity within their hometown or state, then because of being guided by certain management and labels they gain more national notoriety. So as I've been saying the whole time, whats new to you, is just that in terms of it being your first glimpse of  that artist/group. 

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