March 17, 2011

Music Is... BOX BOX BOX BOX. (BONKsplosion!)

This video is curtisey of Vanawesome. It's a channel on YouTube that I've been watching every since mid 2010. They had the most adorable Scottish Fold kitten that I've ever seen. They'd been posting videos from it's younger stages all the way to a full grown cat. His name was Bonk. I'm not to sure what happened exactly but Bonky passed sometime last year. Broke my heart. Ya know it doesn't take long for some to grow attached to things and I am NO exception to the rule. Since then they've been posting archival recordings of Bonk and this is one among many. He has an incurable fascination with this cardboard box which is featured on other videos as well. It funny that cats trip like this sometimes. Hey enjoy it.

YouTube Links: Vanawesome

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