March 03, 2011

Music Is... Use Somebody - Kings of Leon Guitar Cover

If I haven't let it be known, then I will now: I am sucker for some excellent guitar playing, especially acoustic. Truthfully you could be playing a song with lyrics about the phone-book and I would hooked for for life if it sounds good.

That leads me to this lady. I wouldn't have even known of her had she not decided to friend me. Much appreciated. Anyway, her name is Becky, she's 18 and she lives in Manchester UK. She learned to play simple chords at 11 years of age from her older brother and her father. She is primarily self taught apart from what was learned in her earlier years.

Here I chose a video she posted of herself performing 'Use Somebody' by Kings Of Leon. I love it. I think it's always nice to see a stripped down version of a song, listening to it in the raw. Nicely done.

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Kings Of Leon: Only By The Night

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