March 31, 2011

Music Is... Rob Dyrdek: Fantasy Factory (Theme Song)

If you love this show the way I do...Wait. Let me at the very least explain what the show is about before I go head first into what I gotta say. Basically it centers around professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his team or entourage, including is cousin Drama as they go about handling business and having fun at the same time. There's "blobbing", foam pits, skating (of course) and him venturing into various endeavors and fantasies and as I mentioned at the forefront: FUN. So as I was saying, if you love this show the way I do then it's understandable as to why I chose it for this post.

Between nearly every segment and clip there's music, usually hip-hop, used to segue into the next topic or continue into a different scene for the same subject. I love that. I love how music really ups the ante for the show. The Intro. Again, I love that music. The band who created the theme music, "Fantasy" is Steel Panther, a group formed in 2000.Goodness. The intensity behind this song simply rocks. It describes the show in its entirety. You gotta love it.


Zachary said...

Thank you, I was always wondering who did that song. I love Fantasy Factory, it is such a good show. This season looks like it is going to be the best by far. You can catch Fantasy Factory on channel 160 MTV in HD on DISH Network. As a DISH subscriber and employee, I can tell you that right now you can get HD free for life. To learn how go to to find out how.

ihadsomelagears said...

Thanks Zachary.

Sorry for being late with my reply, as I mentioned my computer needed a little help but I'm back up.

I agree, this one's gonna be pretty good. Glad I could fill you in on that.

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