April 01, 2011

Music Is... Blaqk Audio

Typically the style of music that this duo creates isn't in my repertoire of musical taste. But for the sheere fact they are completely brand new to me, I had to give it a listen anyway and I have to admit I'm a little intrigued by the sound provided. The style here is a techno, electronic, synthesized, dance, heavy bass to the umph degree. These two Davey Havok(left) and Jade Puget are current members of AFI, a California based band formed in 1991. As AFI they have eight studio albums under their belt and from what I can tell have no plans on calling it quits anytime soon. The formation of Blaqk Audio had been in the works for some time now, fermenting in 2001-2002. A few songs had been written for the album "CexCells" such as 'Snuff On Digital' only to go on hiatus until 06' or 07'. After resurfacing to the forefront, the album began to get more studio attention and reached completion on August 14 2007.

"Cex Cells" is a very dance, heavy synth, EBM oriented album. EBM is short for electronic body music, this combination of electric dance music and an industrial sound. One particular track I'm drawn to is 'The Love Letter'. It measures pop-rock and the industrial sound perfectly. In my opinion, each song carry's a somber undertone but balance out nicely. A unique album as far as I'm concerned. Something to check out if you want to branch your taste.

Track Listing
  Stiff Kittens
Between Breaths (an XX perspective)
Snuff on Digital
Bitter for Sweet
Where Would You Like Them Left?
The Fear of Being Found
On a Friday
The Love Letter
Semiotic Love
Cities of Night
Again, Again and Again
Wake Up, Open the Door and Escape to the Sea

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