April 14, 2011

Paparazzi, Media Hounds: Are They Necessary?

A question I pose in my head very often is: Were it not for media hounds and paparazzi, would these musicians and actors and stars of the like be able to garner the fan base and super-stardom that they have now? Of course I'm not talking about a few pictures here or there. I'm not referring to a red carpet showcasing or a debut picture or and album signing event. I mean full blown, none of your business, invading privacy, tabloids, false pictures (ughh), the list goes on. In the past few years I've seen this invasion only increase and I wonder if this is an indispensable ingredient that seems to be an overwhelming flavor in this big entertainment gumbo.

There are countless, literally countless examples I could use. There's no need. Basically I'm talking about the culmination of them all. When you think of your favorite star or entertainment icon, more than likely there has been something written bout he/she or them, and more often than not there's some negativity splashed in there somewhere. What do you do when your in the line at the grocery store? Your head looks to the left or right and glances at those tabloids. Mmm, outlandish tabloids. Can't stand them. But hey, I'm no saint. I've definitely looked at few covers in my lifetime. Bold print, big bright letters, captions and whatever, italicized words; that's how they do it. Oh, can't forget some of the notorious pictures we've seen. Too many to count. Again, is it necessary? What role and to what extent do they play? Let me say this. I understand wanting a background story on someone. A bio or autobiography describing the past to the current. Even a sensible interview, one on one, face to face is not too much to ask. However,using a little common sense I'm reasoning that it's like a catch-22 situation. No matter how much or how often a celebrity spills their guts, it will seemingly always be misconstrued and reversed.

Then again do we like it? I think in a way most people like to hear what's kept behind the curtain. Most of us like to hear the "untold story" and formulate more opinions based on what's read or heard despite the fact that it may be untrue. In the same token I think that these juicy tidbits add to the popularity of the individual or individuals. Honestly and personally I don't care to dig into someones life. If they wanted it known they would authorize it themselves. I wouldn't be upset if every gossip magazine was blown into a million pieces and never printed again.

Alas, it can be said that stars and the media go hand in hand like milk and cookies. Some are just chocolate chips and others apparently come with pecans, walnuts, peanut-butter and plenty of other goodies. As far as I can see, there's going to be plenty of munching for a while to come.

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