April 19, 2011

Music Is... ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits

I've heard it back and forth as to weather or not this group has officially called it quits. But regardless if it's true or not I  highly enjoyed listening to what they had to offer. "ABBA Gold" is a compilation album of their best and it doesn't fail. Roughly counting up the songs I'm getting 95; that includes any spanish versions. Some songs may have been a bit overplayed but I think that's a tribute to the music. If it's good then it's good. Considered to be too much pop by some I see the music as not only bridge between mainstream pop and what is good music, but really good craftsmanship. I know times were different and the perception of pop was considerably diverse, but the quality just seems unparalleled to me. You have the infamous "Mama Mia", "Fernando", "Take A Chance",'S.O.S", "The Winner Takes It All" and "Santa Rosa"; the list goes on.

Yes, there have been many "number one" albums and "greatest hits" arrangements. In my opinion however, they've established a strong standing and lasting effect that can't be erased. Pop, yes. Memorable, oh yes.

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