April 21, 2011

Music Is... Mariah Carey (Self titled)

Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970 or 69' in Huntington, Long Island NY. The youngest and third child of her family, the girl has a voice range like no other. The octave that she can hit is just incredible. The only other artist that comes to mind is Minnie Riperton, and that was roughly 15-20 years before. By the way, for those of you who read this, let me know if there's anyone else who can hit that range clearly like those two.

January 12, 1990 was its debut release in the states. I don't think anyone knew that she would burst onto the scene showcasing her powerhouse voice in the fashion she did. Though the album sales did amazing, very commercially successful, you have to listen to the songs yourself to get the full effect. "Vision Of Love", the first track and single, was the initial introduction we had, and what a first impression. The song marinates in the beginning, she really takes her time with it and then she truly lets loose during the middle and end. Honestly she smashes the whole song but those are parts that stand out to me the most. Then there's the third track "I Don't Wanna Cry". This one tells of a relationship between two people who know they're over, the writing's on the wall. A somber song but one that indicates it's time to move on. Her vocals here, although toned down a bit show that she can rock it anyway she wants. Another favorite of mine is "Someday", the forth track and third single. A relatable subject about how the one you thought was your significant other leaves you for someone else, only to come running back to you when that rendezvous doesn't work. I love the arrangement of this one on her live CD "Mariah Carey: Unplugged". I could ramble on and on about that one but I'll try and save it for another post.

An exceedingly impactful debut. Just as many other longstanding female artists, she has solidified herself as a major benchmark. "Mariah Carey" is one you can always go back to when you want to see how it should be done.

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