April 21, 2011

Music Is... Erin McCarley: Love, Save The Empty

Released January, 6 2009
Erin McCarley is an alternative singer/songwriter that I'm not too familiar with other than one single I've been hearing lately titled "Pony(It's OK). McCarley, born January 8, 1979 in Garland, Texas, says that she has had a fairly easy childhood. Even though she was raised by two loving parents, she mentions that it gave her a sort of false sense of reality.
"It was a very happy home with very little pain to deal with...it kind of gave me an unrealistic view of everything...That's not how the world is, you know?"
 Songwriting and delivery are all very key factors for her music. She notes that the presentation and inflection that you place on the lyrics are just as important as the words themselves. I agree. Her songs hang between the line of reality and a perfect world. A kind of happy twilight zone I would call it. Though you could possibly label some of the tracks as pop, I wouldn't quite go that far. Again, more alternative. The beats aren't what I'd typically expect. A nice song is "Sticky-Sweet". A story of having that one who brightens your life a bit. On the contrary, tracks like "It's Not That Easy" and "Gotta Figure This Out" sight the feelings of becoming insecurity and uncertainty.

This album documents the hunt for the real thing in others as well as what's real in her. Not a bad debut at all and an album with no filler tracks in my opinion. Check it out.

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