April 20, 2011

Music Is... Erykah Badu: Mama's Gun

The 2000 follow up to "Baduizm" "Mama's Gun" provides the same flavor and wonderful insight into her experiences and observations. Another aspect of her music that I appreciate that I didn't mention on the other review is her impeccable knack of harmony. On nearly all of her tracks she parallels the foreground singing with great background vocals. I love the intro to the song "Didn't Cha Know". I think someone's beating the congas and shaking the maracas on that opening number. The "haaaaaa" in the background makes the song that much more melodic. The "Bag Lady" is described very symbolically. All that baggage she constantly refers to is the weight of life and the many situations she gets herself into. I think Badu describes it best: "Bag lady you gone miss your bus You can't hurry up Cause you got too much stuff...", well spoken. "Penitentiary Philosophy" is an unexpected 70's rock style that presents a different mood to the album. Fresh, jazzy, soul beats that are almost therapeutic.

Again another solid record and a constant breath of fresh against all the pop that's going on nowadays. Hey, I don't dislike pop, but it's nice to have something to break up the monotony from time to time.

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