April 21, 2011

Music Is... Mariah Carey: MTV Unplugged

Released June 2, 1992

Only 2 years give or take after her first record, this woman already had an MTV Unplugged live session. I think that makes a pretty loud statement. As powerful as her voice is already, in that stripped down acoustic environment it seems to glisten eve more. The live performance is comprised of the major hits from her previous albums "Mariah Carey" and "Emotions".

Track List

If It's Over
Vision Of Love
Make It Happen
I'll Be There
Can't Let Go

I don't have a favorite from this list because I love them all. A highlight however, would be the surprise track "I'll Be There". The duet between her and male singer Trey Lorenz is excellent. My favorite part is where Trey sings "...you know I'll keep holding on" the second time. He holds this high, high note that's totally insane. All of the songs arrangements are a little different but nothing too drastic. For one reason or another, some don't consider this to be too good. Well, an opinion is an opinion and we're all entitled to have them. In my opinion, "Unplugged" shines as a substantial portion of her musical catalog, and there's plenty of pages.
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