April 11, 2011

Music Is... OK Go: Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

Ok, here we go again. Ehh, that was a horrible pun, but lets get going. On my last review I took a look at the single 'Get Over It' on the self titled album "OK Go". Released January 12, 2010 I mentioned this one towards the end of the previous post. I'm pretty excited to give an examination to the fullest extent I can.

I don't think that bands fully depart from themselves, I just feel that their are different avenues of expression. OK Go has definitely traveled on a different road this time around and they've made a few pit stops along the way. The first track 'WTF' is something to savor. A gurgling synth sound, voice modification (not sure what you'd call that specific type), off kilter, unconventional beat pattern. Goes with the subject too; that of trying to figure out how this girl takes him up and down through emotions and being unsure of what will happen next. I find one of the more interesting songs to be 'White Knuckles'. I had to look up that term since I was truly unfamiliar with its meaning. It means (from Webster): marked by, causing, or experiencing tense nervousness white–knuckle ride on a roller coaster>. That being said, I'm much clearer on whats being said. Basically, once an action is done, you'll never be able to reverse it. How do you feel now? A universal concept that's very solid. Beat wise, there's and eclectic sound that draws you in. Nice overall tempo and a creative display. 

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